SLO teen killed in three-car crash near Cal Poly

September 11, 2021


A teen was killed and two others suffered minor injuries in a three-car crash near Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo on Saturday.

Shortly before 7 a.m., the 17-year-old was driving a white Volvo eastbound on Highland Drive when the teen attempted to turn left on Highway 1. Bryan Griffiths, 79, of Morro Bay then allegedly ran a red light and crashed into the teen’s Volvo.

The crash propelled the Volvo into a BMW driven by Tisha Leigh Breda, 50, of Cambria. Breda suffered minor injuries.

First responders transported the teen to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where the teen was pronounced deceased. Griffiths suffered moderate injuries.

The CHP is investigating the crash. The name of the teen is being withheld pending notification of their next of kin.


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coronet blue

So very sad for so many people.

I see people run red lights almost everytime I’m at one. It seems very bad around here compared to other places I drive. Ive seen police right there at the intersection and do nothing also. There are so many other motor vehicle code infractions these days, loud exhausts, dark windows, tires sticking out and on. No respect for others.


This is so sad that it’s been tough to get off my mind since I heard yesterday. I feel so badly for the family and friends.

Driving in this town (and I assume others) feels much more dangerous these last few years. There’s texting, cannabis, older drivers… I see people run red lights all the time now, driving half in the bike lanes, and just generally not paying attention or driving poorly.


I agree.

Caltrans and the the City should get together and do some minor improvements to attenuate the high approach speeds southbound hwy traffic has. It’s posted 55 but I use that intersection several times per week walking and traffic speeds are routinely 70 mph plus through that intersection when the light is green.

Rumble strips, visual friction and some enforcement might help.

Just a thought.


What is really needed is for Caltrans and the City of SLO to install the proper number of overhead traffic signal faces for this multi-lane approach. Currently, based on the conditions, there are insufficient overhead signal displays for the number of lanes.


There are overhead flashing yellow lights as well as abundant signage southbound between the Cal Fire Station and the Highland Drive intersection, as there was years ago when I was the teenager going surfing, slow down, highway over, entering town. This is typical where Highway 1 transitions to a city street as it does throughout its entire length statewide. If you don’t pay attention to flashing yellow lights, are you going to pay attention to MORE flashing yellow lights? CalTrans is not too blame and BTW the roadway is CalTrans, not City of SLO. City of SLO jurisdiction for Santa Rosa Street starts southbound at Olive Street where 1 and 101 join for 15 miles until Pomeroy in Pismo Beach.


You are correct that this is a Caltrans signal inside the City limits of San Luis Obispo. They both share responsibility for the operation of this traffic signal. The City of SLO needs to leverage their influence to ensure that the first highspeed signalized intersection entering the City, that also serves as a College Campus Gateway, is properly operating to current standards.

I am not referring to flashing lights. I am referring to the lack of overhead RYG signal faces. Based on site conditions Caltrans Signal Design would require an overhead lane centered signal for each thru approach. Currently there is only one overhead signal each direction at this location. Look it up it is easily verifiable.


Such a sad loss of life. Condolences to the family of the teen. Volvos are normally very safe cars but apparently not safe enough against an octogenarian tearing down highway 1 in his big truck and illegally running a red light and t-boning you. Interesting there was no statement about if Griffith’s alcohol, drug use, or speeding was a factor this accident? Normally the authorities comment on such factors after major accidents, especially when extreme negligence was clearly a factor.


How tragic and sad. Peace and prayers for the families of this young lad who’s life was cut too short. Also for the injured. May we all reflect on the brevity of our lives.


You always give the kid the old family Volvo, built like a tank and gas mileage that keeps them close to home. Sad story.


So very sad. RIP


Dogs can’t see red…

(ok, ok. A little morbid, but the joke was right there!)