Former Templeton coach David Harper dead at 55

October 28, 2021

Photo by Richard Bastian


David Harper, a former Templeton High school football coach, has died. He was 55 years old.

Harper, who had battled COVID-19 for more than a month, died at a hospital on Oct. 20.

David Harper

After his graduation from Humboldt State University, where he was an All-American linebacker, he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in 1990. He also played several years for the Canadian Football League.

In 2002, Harper was hired as the head athletic director at Templeton High School, where he wore many hats including football coach and physical education teacher. Students, faculty and neighbors affectionately referred to him as “coach.”

Harper held regular sessions on the football field, he dubbed “Harp to Hearts,” where he would talk to students about their lives.

Hundreds of peopled attended a candlelight vigil at Templeton High School’s stadium on Wednesday evening.

Harper is survived by his mother Linda Harper, his father Tom Harper, and his siblings Bruce Harper and Carol Crawford.


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It would be interesting to see stats on how many of his football players, students, family, coaches and staff were infected. How far did this branch reach? Store cashiers, church, wherever he had contact. The decision to not vaccinate is not just personal. How this became political is insane.

kevin rise

Maybe a loss that finally touches others To create some empathy or sympathy; people who have been acting insane and in denial finally realize this is real. Pretty pathetic it takes a personal loss to realize things are real. I hope he was vaccinated and this was a freak case, Sadly, if he wasn’t, let it be a lesson to ignorance. my feelings to the family, I Sympathise with death, and Covid Death.


But… What about.. fake virus? Oh nevermind.




Uncalled for…poor taste…not a time for politics. How about giving if a week?

Tyler Durden

How dare YOU correct others! YOU who promoted Trump’s false medical cures like hydrochloroquine! How many lives were lost based on this quackery!

Ben Daho

False! It IS time because we see people from back in March of 202 trying to convince others that it was a Hoax. “It was going away, it was like the flu,” Etc. One guy kept saying he was getting information from his son that was better than any medical Dr. virologist, or seasoned expert. They refused to just not take precautions, they developed a group and continued over and over and over and it’s not just them, they need to get others to agree with them even though 750,000 fellow Americans died from it. When Ebola hit, People were calling for Obama’s resignation or impeachment. No one is held accountable. We invaded a country that had absolutely ZERO to do with 911 and no one was held accountable yet 4 people died and they went after Hillary with 8 hearings. It’s absolutely unbelievable that someone would say :it’s not time for politics. WHEN is a good time?


Not very respectful. Give it a rest.


Such a senseless loss. Prayers to his family and those who are impacted by the coach’s death.

For those who have not been vaccinated, please consider doing so.


So sad to hear this. I pray for comfort, peace, and understanding for his family and all those he touched during his life.


commonsenseguy, was he related to our local Harpers, seeing as they all were rather sports minded?

Damn shame either way.