Paul Flores pleads not guilty to the murder of Kristin Smart

October 21, 2021


Paul Flores pleaded not guilty Wednesday morning at his arraignment on a murder charge. Paul Flores is accused of murdering Cal Poly San Luis Obispo freshman Kristin Smart during an attempted rape in 1996.

If convicted, Paul Flores, 44, faces 20 years to life in prison.

Paul Flores’ 80-year-old father Ruben Flores, who is suspected of helping to cover up the murder of Smart, is charged as an accessory after the fact. If found guilty, he faces up to three years in jail.

Ruben Flores also pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Wednesday.

Their trial is set to start on April 25.

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After Paul Flores is cleared I wouldn’t be surprised to see major lawsuits tossed around news media outlets and the DA’s office….this is criminal harassment at this point…whether he is guilty or not if you don’t have a case you must leave it alone…this has gone on too long….

The defense requested Scott Peterson testify in prelim hearing because Scott was a friend of Kristin Smart and was said to have been at the same party and parties as Kristin Smart and their request was denied .Is Scott Peterson’s resentencing date being held over his head to keep his mouth shut ? Scott testifying does not help him out at all , but a subpoena is a subpoena .The prosecution has been allowed a very very long leash on all evidence presented but yet defense requests are being squashed …if there is a conviction of Paul Flores , a path for an appeal or new trial is being paved at every angle with the denying of defense wishes for witnesses being squashed.In my opinion DA is hoping for Paul or his father to crack under pressure while waiting for trail at minimum 1 year from the date of Paul’s arrest for a crime that’s been under investigation for 25 years , how long does prosecution need to prepare after a 25 year investigation ?

The court of public opinion already has the verdict. Another way social media influences our feelings and emotions without facts.

Were you were on the jury that acquitted OJ?

Anybody see Ms. Smart lately? Can the DA prove she is dead? If this is going to trial I hope the DA has more than the public has been shown so far.

Where you been the last 2 months Mitch?You dig in that 2+ month pre-lim, you’ll see. Sure, a body would be better, but they have a TON.

I’m kinda with Mitch on this one!

Yes I would like to see the Flores’s convicted, but do not want to see them protected through double indemnity!!

He’s been convicted by public opinion from the onset of her disappearance, but only evidence can convict him, maybe something fishy was possibly under the deck, without DNA evidence, I hope Dan Dow isn’t over his ski’s on this one!!!

I recently speculated the only thing worse than not charging the Flores’ would be losing the case but perhaps the DA decided it was now or never and the spectacle of a long, public trial, even if lost, would punish the offender somewhat.

Is Ms. Smart dead? If you think so, prove it.