San Luis Obispo rejects pot shop’s attempt to sway city officials

October 20, 2021


In what appeared to be a staged attempt, more than 30 employees of cannabis businesses tied to Helios Dayspring protested in front of San Luis Obispo City Hall on Tuesday to pressure the city counsel to overrule staff’s decision to revoke Natural Healing Center SLO’s retail permit.

After years of servility, SLO city officials terminated Dayspring’s application for his Natural Healing Center SLO retail store on Oct. 19, after determining he had lied on his application. The city based their determination on a July plea agreement in which Dayspring admitted to tax fraud and bribery.

While negotiating a plea agreement with federal prosecutors, in Oct. 2020, Dayspring told the city he transferred his interest in the SLO pot shop to his girlfriend Valnette Garcia.

Valnette Garcia

At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, about 50 protesters gathered in front of SLO City Hall, with many wearing T-shirts that said “Support NHC SLO” on the front, and “Save my career” on the back, even though the shop has not yet opened.

Standing on the steps outside city hall, speakers focused on Garcia’s race and gender, while asking the council to override staffs’ decision to revoke the permit.

During the SLO City Council meeting that started at 6 P.M., SLO city attorney Christine Dietrick announced the city’s plan to rewrite their cannabis regulations, and then reopen the process to applicants.

City Manager Derek Johnson explained that even though the city had revoked the permit for Natural Healing Center SLO, the company could reapply in the future or file a suit within 90 days.

During public comment, 20 people, who claimed to be employees of Natural Healing Center’s retail shops in Morro Bay and Grover Beach, gave what appeared to be canned speeches: The commenters started by detailing the length of time they have been employed by Natural Healing Center, sang Garcia’s praises, spoke of “love” or called her “mamma bear,” and asked the city council to reconsider the revocation.

City officials denied their request.


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Dayspring and Garcia have made enough from his licenses. His willingness to play dirty was a big enough pay off. Time to step aside and let the legitimate honest Pot businesses have a chance at those licenses! All of those Poor protestors can all get new jobs with the NEW Pot Businesses.

That being said, I am not putting all the blame on Dayspring. I blame Hill and his payoff demands, whom I believe put Dayspring in this Fickle. I know it was his choice to pay to play. But Dayspring is young and really just went along with the game already in progress!

What I want to know, WHO else collected in this game of Pay to Play? We already know about a few…including Heidi Harmon and her years worth of weed? (or because that will go stale, is she selling it to her friends? I mean, I don’t toke, but who needs $1000 worth of personal weed??)


The license is worth millions, if not tens of millions. The SLO Progressives are not going to give up this cash cow of corruption without a fight.


If only corruption was limited to “SLO Progressives” you might have a point, but it is a universal scourge that crosses party lines.


Follow the money. This is what the FBI is doing. Better get your books and your stories in order.


Doesn’t this resemble an episode of the Sons of Anarchy?


In my opinion none of Helios employees/business parteners have the appearance of upstanding citizens and the wearing of the masks/disguise helps in keeping their identities unknown . Helios may have avoided serious legal problems under the Rico act by becoming a government informant .Rico act is a very serious problem for those guilty of racketeering


So what’s the bigger crime? Paying a bribe to a mayor and assorted counsel persons or accepting a bribe as a corrupt public servant? We really need tougher laws for corrupt public officials who’s only purpose is self-serving criminal enrichment. Is there one single person that believes Heidi Harman is stepping down to pursue climate advocacy while claiming it has nothing to do with the FBI investigation… Sure Heidi – Lock her up!


Garcia and her representatives argue that Helios Dayspring did the crime, not Garcia, therefore she should not be punished. The City of SLO’s letter of revocation cites the Municipal Code that indicates Helios and anyone else associated with him is responsible for his sins. Give the license to another deserving company. One that doesn’t bribe officials.

P.S. Where’s Nick Andre? I don’t see him in amongst the protesters. He’s a partner in the business but has laid low since this bribery debacle became public. Could it be because he’s raking in money at Megan’s Organics, too, alongside Quinn Brady? They’re both on the payroll there. Heidi’s team really got set up for $ucce$$, huh?


There is no other company that does not bribe officials. This is how the game is played and will be played until a qualification and lottery system is implemented.