SLO man arrested for transforming home and yard into illegal pot grow

October 20, 2021


San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a 26-year-old man last week for allegedly transforming his home and yard into an illegal cannabis grow, police said.

In 2020, officers charged Spencer Jefferson with illegal cultivation of marijuana at his home on 2400 block of Cima Court. Jefferson had converted the entire interior of the home and backyard into an illegal grow and production operation.

After receiving multiple complaints that Jefferson was again illegally growing pot at his home, officers garnered a search warrant and mounted a two month investigation.

Officers arrested Jefferson last week on warrants from the 2020 investigation, and asked the SLO County District Attorney’s Office to determine charges regarding the current illegal activity.

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In the past, the great crime was simply the cultivation of the illicit weed. Today, the great crime is producing it in such a way that the government doesn’t get its cut of the profit. Or the graft.

By this logic shouldn’t home brewing beer get you arrested as well? I don’t care about legality of pot, just the hypocrisy of government.

I don’t know the laws around brewing in this area but I imagine it is similar to weed in that the quantity matters. You can brew at home in reasonable batches but if you turn your entire home and yard into a brewery you may cross a line.

With pot, you’re allowed to grow some small number of plants at home, but it sounds like this guy had a commercial sized grow operation. Someone else commented that it may have been reported that he was making concentrate as well.

The charges for him should be for not bribing politicians, that’s the crime he committed!!!

On the police report submitted to social media by SLO PD officer it states that Mr.Jefferson was also running a honey oil lab in the home .The risk of explosion is high and not good in a residential neighborhood. The smell from his grow if I was his neighbor I would not be happy to be smelling weed 24/7. The weed grow also has the potential to attract people wanting to borrow weed from Mr.Jefferson at all hours of the day/night and possibly crossing thru neighbors properties and fences.

I have never been afraid of a $30 hair straightener and a $10 hand clamp pressing flower between parchment paper causing an explosion or any type of injury beyond a sore wrist. Also never feared those that use ice water in buckets lined with different micron screens and stirred with a wooden spoon to make bubble hash. Those are the main ways people make concentrates legally. What I am afraid of are the idiots dumping cases of butane down a glass tube ‘open blasting’ in a residential area. Methods matter and there are many methods to achieve the same goal. Some are safe and legal, others are highly illegal and can be deadly.

Wow! I feel so much safer now. Two month investigation to catch some two-bit grower? Consider putting that much investigative effort into local politicians… Is SLO county the most corrupt place in the universe?

It’s weed why do we care anymore.

You of all people should know the answer to that, Cheech.

Breading skunks are illegal too, it is very difficult to hide that fragrance.

I don’t mind breaded skunk being illegal, that doesn’t sound like anything I want to try. I’ll stick with breaded chicken or fish tacos tyvm.