Should SLO County leadership cut ties to corruption?

October 6, 2021

Stew Jenkins


An open letter to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors:

Just days ago the governor signed 10 sweeping bills amending the conduct of  elections. Changes now must be lawfully harmonized with local preferences.

In July, you took joyful steps toward ending the mistrust that has swept through our county by welcoming all applicants to fill the vacant SLO County Clerk-Recorder’s Office. Selecting the right qualified individual from outside the institutional administrative class will bring our citizens together, restore confidence in county elections, and improve services in every part of our county.

At a time when the United States Attorney has ongoing investigations into San Luis Obispo County, it is time to bring in new leadership. Leadership with integrity and broad election, recording, contracting and management experience is needed.

Leadership with no ties to the culture of corruption that has generated those ongoing  investigations by the U.S. Attorney is needed.

The institutional administration instead doubled down. There is an incestuous quality to their message. Look at the energy it has applied to keep you from even interviewing anyone outside their institutional administrative family.

The administrative class has suppressed your vote, by ignoring your direction to give you seven candidates for interviews. It has generated propaganda claiming that a candidate who is an election law attorney, with experience as a deputy registrar of voters, experience as a county polling place inspector, experience in elective office, experience managing public and private contract bidding, experience setting aside partisanship, and experience managing employees and contractors is somehow not qualified to lead the office.

You can take an important step to end the culture of corruption that the Administrative class has allowed to fester.

Throw off the reins of those seeking to fence you off from the qualified leaders our citizens need.


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So how long has the US Attorney’s Office been investigating the County and City of SLO? Why didn’t Dan Dow’s Office conduct these investigations? Why have local LEA been left out of these investigations? Why have local officials been excluded from these proceedings, including Dan Dow’s Office? Why have local agency leaders, managers and even staff been a focal point of investigations of the US Attorney’s Office? Couple this with EPA and FBI investigations into San Luis Obispo since 2008 one has to wonder why it is taking so long to conduct an investigation and why the investigations continue?

It is simple, when the corruption and criminal misconduct is so entrenched in the system from top to bottom the Fed’s take their time to turn over every stone, open up every crawl space to ensure that they have done a thorough job. San Luis Obispo has the most corrupt governmental agencies in the State. Remember, it took 10 years of investigative reporting by Calcoast to expose the theft of hundreds of thousands of dollars of public funds by a dirt bag at the IWMA. Why, because every local agency official and all those local agency staff didn’t want the truth to come out. Why, because they were all getting a taste. All I can say now, don’t even run you little power mongering thieves in local government. Soon, very soon you will be living on the dole – three squares and a cot, plus companionship!


tic-toc goes further back b4 2008!

Jon Tatro

Good article Stew, the problem with many voters is we have forgotten we have a representative government and too many people want to elect a “Leader”. When you elect leaders you give them too much power. All politicians are our employees and need to answer to us we should never answer to them.


“restore confidence in county elections”? This is baseless trumрian hysteria that has no place in local politics. NONE of the “ongoing investigations into San Luis Obispo County” have had anything to do with how local elections were run, despite Jenkins trying to dishonestly tie the two together. I challenge you to show that any local residents filed valid claims of local voting malfeasance. The best you could point to is the bunch of paid out of town shills that attempted to hijack a BOS meeting with election conspiracy theories but couldn’t even pronounce “San Luis Obispo” correctly! Audit after audit has found no evidence of massive voter fraud. Even the hugely partisan Arizona Cyber Ninjas audit hilariously found 360 MORE votes for Biden when it was done, at the cost of millions. Yet extremists like Jenkins want to double down on the big lie from their puppetmaster!


“Administrative class” … THAT is exactly it. An over compensated, self protecting group of administrators and managers. Let’s begin with a slate of B of S dedicated to salary and management position reductions. No sacred cows.


Lynn Compton I pray you read what Stew Jenkins wrote as he speaks on my behalf. I would love to know why you voted against the original decision to have 7 candidates to choose from. Stew would have been the perfect candidate. Such a loss at a very important time. Very


I thought that too but now have been told the resolution passed had the language “up to 7 candidates”, if true any number up to 7 was inline with what the supervisors passed. Perhaps the supervisors should have been clearer in the resolution, in that if they wanted 5 to 7 candidates they should have said exactly that. This is a problem with government speak, it gives a lot room for interpretation, sometimes different interpretation, just based on who reads it and which day of the week it is read.

Jorge Estrada

There is nothing to add, Mr. Jenkins nailed it. He most definitely should be on the candidate list.


Good luck. Provide examples where anything has ever changed for the better. It certainly hasn’t happened yet in happy town.