Lucia Mar trustee slammed as hypocrite for hosting party

November 17, 2021


A Lucia Mar School Unified School District trustee has been branded a hypocrite for hosting a celebration party at her home — while saying the board cannot meet in public because she has underlying health problems.

In celebration of their win against a recall attempt, Colleen Martin invited the public to her home for a party on Nov. 5 through an invitation on social media, just three days after she voted to continue virtual meetings because of health issues. In her defense, Martin said that everyone who attended her party was vaccinated, though that requirement was not included in the open invite.

In May, disgruntled parents launched an effort to recall three Lucia Mar trustees —   Martin, Don Stewart, and Dee Santos — because they did not let children return to in-person learning after Gov. Gavin Newsom gave the green light. Martin argues that because of increasing COVID-19 cases at the time, that permission would have been short-lived.

During the recall attempt, in early September, a small group of about seven people protested outside Martin’s home, yelling and using an air horn to create a ruckus, an action that many condemned.

Six weeks later, Lucia Mar Trustee Vicki Meagher was driving on Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo when a driver gave a thumbs down to her anti-recall bumper sticker. Meagher responded by following the driver to their home in Oceano, where they debated their views. Recall supporters then accused Meagher of stalking.

Even though they fell short of the 8,302 signatures needed for the recall, the group plans to continue their effort to oust the three Lucia Mar trustees, Sandy Gong said.

“We woke up the community by informing them of the inappropriate actions of these Lucia Mar trustees,” Sandy Gong said. “The fight is not over, we are moving forward to elect new trustees who will make decisions based on strong education values. It is all about the children, our future leaders.”


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The value of TERM-LIMITS comes to mind after observing the disgusting conduct of the current Lucia Mar School Board! This Board is egregious, rude, dishonest and act as if they are “BOUGHT” by the unions. The tide is turning folks……..parents and the entire community is becoming more and more aware to the corruption and wrong-doing that has been taking place for too long. Change is needed and the individuals who occupy these elected positions would be better served to remember that they work for the PEOPLE, not the other way around.

concerned mama

The behavior of the current board members is hypocritical and completely inappropriate! Not too long ago these board members complained when protestors set up in front of their home. How is following someone to their home in their car and harassing them any different? Hypocrite!

I am so disgusted by this board! They have no concern for the children and parents they are supposed serve!


It’s outrageous that a member of the school board would chase someone on the freeway for several miles and follow them to their home to confront them over a thumbs down sign. Pretty sure if a parent chased her on the freeway and followed her home to confront her, they’d be arrested. It’s so outrageous, I wouldn’t even believe it if there wasn’t video of her admitting to it.

And you don’t vote to lock an entire community out of the public school board meeting because one board member claims health problems prevent her from being around crowds. The fact that the same board member had a party open to the public in her home 3 days later just adds insult to injury.

These are the folks we have entrusted with the welfare of our children…..


Video of Trustee Meagher after she chased people to their home.

kevin rise

Parents using children as pawns to control schools agenda. I say keep parents, their religion and bias views out of school. This isn’t Alabama, we have been burning books before, it needs to stop. Mainly all I see are religious psychopaths trying to SHOVE their religion into school and discard anything that isn’t Western Radical white nationalist Christianity.


Parents want reading , writing, and arithmetic to be taught in school. All else is the parent’s responsibility…ALL else.

When the school…or government…unilaterally decide to brush aside parental responsibility, beliefs, and family bondings, parents get upset about what is being, and what is NOT being taught in school. Especially when our taxes pay for the very people undermining parental norms and rights.

And no, it is still not the schools to decide if a particular parenting is wrong. Many other legal and community avenues are established to handle that.


“Parents want reading , writing, and arithmetic to be taught in school. All else is the parent’s responsibility…ALL else.” So no science? What about our nation’s history? And when teaching about our nation’s history are teachers to leave out slavery, segregation, removal of natives from their land? Are they to give an inaccurate retelling of history because it makes some uncomfortable? Curriculum is not now, nor has it ever been chosen by parents. Parents are, however, free to choose to public school, private school, or home school for their child.


but it’s okay for school administrators, teachers and employees to bring their religion and bias into school?


Is that any different, than bringing their hard left political beliefs and bias into school?

At the very least, between leftist ideals and religious ideals, only one advocates for peace, and love for your fellow human…

Eyes Everywhere

The party was outdoors. The meeting would have been indoors.

Non story made into one.

concerned mama

This board has been repeatedly asked to move the meetings outdoors. They flat out refuse!


4 seats are up for grabs in 2022. For people who desire a change, nows your chance. Step up!


“What is best for me, not thee” is the motto of Colleen Martin. She feels she is above the law and has shown unethical/illegal behavior in the past. None of this surprises me. 15 years on the board, time to let others have a chance to lead.