Morro Bay teacher on leave after allegedly threatening student, video

November 3, 2021

David Kelley


A Morro Bay High School teacher has been placed on paid administrative leave after videos recorded by students show him calling a teen names and making threats while on the Los Osos Middle School campus for an after school volleyball game last month.

A video shared with CalCoastNews shows history teacher David Kelley calling a high school freshman a “boomba bitch.” Kelley’s daughter, wearing a yellow shirt, then appears to strike the other student, before walking away with Kelley.

The freshman yells, “Walk away with your little daddy,” and Kelley turns and charges at her.

“Snap your neck is what I do,” Kelley yells. “Threaten my child again and see what happens to you. See what happens to me.”

The teacher accused of threatening a student is on paid administrative leave while district staff conducts an investigation, said Dan Block, San Luis Coastal Unified School District’s director of human resources. Block did not release the name of the teacher in the video, though he did confirm Kelley is on paid leave.

“We have a code of conduct for employees,” Block said. “I expect employees to abide by that code.”

The district’s code of conduct requires educators to “respect the inherent dignity and worth of each individual,” and that they “deal considerately and justly with each student and seek to resolve problems.”

This is not the first time Kelley has been under fire for questionable on-campus comments he made to students.

In 2018, while serving as the head football coach at Morro Bay High School, Kelley made comments to a student athlete inside the football locker room that were “insensitive to the LGBTQ community,” school officials said. School administrators did not disclose exactly what Kelley said to the student, while announcing his termination as coach.

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“School administrators did not disclose exactly what Kelley said to the student, while announcing his termination as coach.”

CCN might want to do a little more research on those details because a quick google search found several news articles describing exactly what Kelley said to the student to get terminated, which was “Why are you looking at me like a gay homosexual, motherf–ker?”

Clearly, that was just part of a pattern of abusive behavior that should have led to Kelley’s removal as a teacher as well.

Maybe take a look at who is doing the hiring of these individuals at MBH. It seems they are on quite a roll of hiring quality people…

Another local (white) guy from a financially wealthy family, that’s who! And we’ll continue to pay for their fat retirements. Stop assuming the wolves aren’t local!

Wow, another fine example of the recruitment, talent acquisition and oversight of the hiring process of the School District. Just recently a teacher fired for having sex with multiple students. A couple years back another teacher fired for having sex with multiple students. And now and psycho threatening a student with snapping her neck for getting in a school yard verbal squabble between two teenage girls. Did Mr. David Kelley forget to take his medication? Did he forget to take that course in teaching on self control at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo? Apparently, both of these recent fine examples of the recruitment and retention experts for the school district failed to learn at Cal Poly about self control. Maybe in prison Mr. Kelley you can be the big man in the yard, or as you suggest the boomba bitch, because what you did on film is a felony. Can’t wait to see how you conduct yourself in prison. Oh, then of course on top of that, your family will be sued for negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress amongst other torts. Your conduct is legendary. So, much for being the big man on campus and “See what happens when you threaten my family” rhetoric from your mouth.

Unfortunately “local” Boys will be Boys. Set-up in life by their mommy & daddy. None of these guys has ever had to work or be held responsible.

What a sad story this is. As a parent, you should lead by example. As a teacher, the same should be expected. It’s obvious he has failed at both in certain areas. What the hell is up with the SLCUSD? Their track record isn’t looking very good, especially with teachers in Morro Bay. Parents need to take a look at the board members especially in light what is happening locally and nationally by these leftist boards and teachers. Look at the recent doings in Paso Robles and the garbage those teachers are still pushing in the classroom despite the objections of the parents. One English teacher in particular who is way out of line.

As for the youth these days? Almost all of the restraints are off all things morally and ethically. It’s a learned behavior by the failing educators and in most cases parents as well. We need to get back to being of good morals, values, integrity, character, honesty and truth. With those things comes responsibility, accountability, and respect for one’s self. You can look at the vile words spewed by educators from grammar school through the universities and the results are what we see in this video. Our youth are suffering the effects of educators and parents not being, and leading with all of the core values mentioned above. Time to return to them across the board.

He may be charged with a crime. threatening a minor with physical violence. Not too bright, son.

Go figure, the daughter of a bully throws a sucker punch…Homelife must be fabulous.

I recall a time we had a code of conduct for students, too. What happened to that?

He over reacted but the girl in the plaid shirt is headed for a very troubled life….kids today will taunt adults hoping the adult will overreact….bring back the swat paddle….

The girl much more likely heading for a troubled life is Kelley’s daughter. Kelley is clearly a controlling abusive individual with a serious anger management issue and his daughter acting out and sucker-punching the girl in the plaid shirt is a classic manifestation of an abusive home life with plenty of “swat paddles”. So you are saying if an out-of-control individual got in your face and then his child sucker punched you, you would just quietly take it? Her taunt was quite tame compared with what I would have said to Kelley in the same situation. If a so called “adult” is too thin-skinned and insecure to not react to the taunts of a child, then the problem lies with the adult.

It takes a saintly patience to merely tolerate the presence of today’s youths.

Probably should not be in that profession than….