Police arrest two men after standoff at Paso Robles Taco Bell

November 4, 2021


Paso Robles police arrested two men on various charges following a standoff at Taco Bell on Niblick Road on Tuesday evening.

Shortly after 9 p.m., officers spotted a stolen Toyota Rav 4 in the restaurant’s drive through, and boxed in the vehicle with patrol units. Officers then ordered the driver and his passenger to get out of the car.

Both men refused and started to reach underneath the seats as if they were going to arm themselves, and a standoff ensued, police said.

After about thirty minutes and multiple warnings, an officer shattered the rear passenger window of the Toyota with his baton. Officers then fired several rounds of pepper balls into the stolen car, which caused 35-year-old Michael Daniloff and 23-year-old Jordan Dooley, both of Paso Robles, to surrender.

While officers did not locate any weapons inside of the stolen car, they did find suspected methamphetamine which appeared to be for sale.

Officers booked Daniloff into the SLO County Jail on charges of vehicle theft, possession of narcotics for sale, resisting arrest and two unrelated warrants. He remains in jail in lieu of $65,000 bail.

Dooley was booked on charges of resisting arrest and being under the
influence of a controlled substance, and later released with a promise to appear.


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The tacos in jail are underrated TBH


Daniloff’s a frequent flyer. I hope he goes (back) to prison.

Arrest records are available online; Daniloff has quite a history.

He was arrested multiple times in 2014, 2015, 2019, 2020 and now 2021. Grand theft, possession of robbery tools, shoplifting, possession of narcotics, plus his latest charges. He’s a bad apple.


Since we’re on the subject of Taco Bell, does anybody know when are they bringing back the green sauce?


Did they get their food?


I promise to appear. Sure.


I’m trying to buy a new Toyota Rav4 and have come to realize that stealing it is likely the only way I can get it in this current market.

Ben Daho

But, the rear windows don’t protect you like think.