Proposed congressional map splits SLO County into two districts

November 11, 2021

The South Coast district is tan. Below it, the Mid Coast District is blue.


A draft redistricting map produced by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission calls for splitting up San Luis Obispo County into two different congressional districts.

Currently, California’s 24th congressional district, represented by Salud Carbajal (D-Santa Barbara), is comprised of San Luis Obispo County, Santa Barbara County and part of northern Ventura County.

The draft map drawn by the redistricting commission places southern and central San Luis Obispo County in a congressional district with Santa Barbara County and northern Ventura County, while moving most of northern SLO County into a district with Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.

The proposed “South Coast” district would stretch from the city of Ventura in the south to include Cayucos and Santa Margarita at the north end. The commission has not yet numbered the proposed districts.

The proposed “Mid Coast” district would stretch from Atascadero, Creston and Cambria in the south to the northern edge of Santa Cruz County. The Mid Coast district would include most of North SLO County, most of Monterey County and all of Santa Cruz County.

Jimmy Panetta (D-Carmel Valley) currently represents California’s 20th Congressional District. The district includes Monterey, Salinas, Santa Cruz, and Carmel-by-the-Sea.

California’s Citizens Redistricting Commission is presently tasked with drawing new district boundaries as the state is losing a congressional seat for the first time ever. Now that the commission has produced draft maps for congressional and other districts, a public review period is underway. The commission must submit the final maps to state elections officials by the end of the year.

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SLO Co was parceled out to three adjoining counties for a very long time. The previous [2010] redistricting put all of SLO Co into one District for the first time in it’s history. Now we are going to lose that distinction and be split again.

I am very sorry to see that happen.

I never cared for one man, one vote and the constant realigning by numbers with voters listed by Party in order for the Party in power to draw lines to benefit their party.

Maybe if more voters checked other Parties – CA has 6 ballot qualified and a number of others as well as Decline To State – it would be impossible for elected officials to define district along party lines.

This might lead to drawing lines bases on city or county boundaries. Or even by geographical lines. Imagine that happening.

Today my thought is that once your age has afforded you to be eligible for Medicare Health Insurance, you are a well cared for elder and lines are nothing more that a reminder of the Mason-Dixon Line. How much could we save by eliminating the lines that generate social friction?

Anybody to represent North County other than Salud Carbajal would be a good thing. Carbujal doesn’t do anything and just skates by year after year getting relected for doing a bad job representing the central coast. Hopefully this happens and North County will have a new representative that will actually represent their constituents.

A little balance for all that Mr. Cunningham does in north county?

The same could be said about south SLO county. Carbaral just works for the Santa Barbara area, knowing if he secures those votes, all the SLO county votes dont matter. This is why he ignores our area.

If you think any candidate spewed from the bowels of Big Sur to Santa Cruz will be any more conservative, you’ve got another thing coming.

Good. Glad to hear it. It gives us the hope of ousting Jimmy Panetta(D), and electing someone that would truly represent the constituents. It’s really just flopping the Progressive/Socialist sides of the district for us in the north county, to the north(Santa Cruz)instead of the south(San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara). A much better opportunity to bring a representative that is of good morals, values, character, integrity, honest, trust, that work for the will of their constituents. We definitely haven’t had that for many years with Carbajal, or Capps. Weak, cowardly, and lap dog representatives for Pelosi/Biden/Obama, and the rest of the Progressive/Socialist slugs