Six people injured in pileup on Highway 101 in Paso Robles

November 23, 2021


A total of six people went to the hospital following a multi-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 in Paso Robles Monday evening. [KSBY]

The collision occurred at about 5:10 p.m. on northbound Highway 101 near the Highway 46 off-ramp. Initial reports indicated six or seven vehicles were involved in the pileup.

One person suffered major injuries as a result of the crash. Five individuals suffered minor injuries, but were still transported to the hospital.

Following the crash, the northbound lanes of Highway 101 were completely blocked.


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Keeping a forward space cushion is every driver’s responsibility…ignoring this can be disastrous

Jorge Estrada

Welcome to LA traffic, the Templeton Las Tablas south bound exit was scheduled for a retrofit which never happened and now that exit line is backed up too. There are others with their time sensitive failures and AFTER our central coast Highway 101 routinely turns into a parking lot the fix will start, only furthering the “wait in line for free budget of your time” cuz we will wait, complain and move to another rural county? Remember that payroll and pensions get funded first, “it’s the law”, when you vote for anything or anybody.


Jorge, state Highway funds (called colloquially the STIP) ARE NOT co-mingled with pension funds. Pension shortfalls, depending on which agencies you are taking about, State, Cities, County’s, transportation agencies like SOCOG, are a serious but distinctly separate matter. As for wages however, there is some truth to your statement.

Want to fund and complete some road projects? Over regulation, for example the burden of satisfying both State and Federal environmental laws (i.e. CEQA and NEPA), wetlands regulation, ( US Army Corp and Coastal Commission, Regional Water Control…etc)… you get it the picture.

Streamline and shorten this maze in the project approval process, in addition to “public participation and outreach “ activities that are tantamount to striving for public consensus for every single transportation dollar programmed. Then let’s not forget the amount siphoned to fund recreational bike and pedestrian (“active transportation”) projects, which do next to nothing to alleviate severe congestion. Nothing wrong with those projects but again, they do nothing to alleviate severe traffic congestion and intersection log jams.


If we are going to mandate anything to save lives we should mandate driving school for everyone….

George Dunn

It is mandated. Did you get your license without going to driving school?


A new one…a booster course if you will….