Atascadero police nab serial burglar

December 31, 2021


Atascadero police arrested a man on Wednesday who allegedly committed eight burglaries at local businesses over the past month.

Following an investigation into a recent string of burglaries, at about 4 p.m. on Wednesday, Atascadero officers searched a residence in the 7100 block of Sombrilla Avenue. Detectives found stolen property and other physical evidence linked to the burglary case, according to police.

Officers arrested Blaine Edward McKinley, 40, for eight counts of burglary, as well as charges of criminal conspiracy and committing a felony while on bail. Officers also arrested Nhi Yen Nguyen, 31, of Santa Clara for criminal conspiracy and two counts of burglary.

Police booked McKinley and Nguyen in the San Luis Obispo County Jail.


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Coulda’ guessed at the street, likely one of two. The Atascadero Police probably didn’t have to work too hard to figure this one out and time will be saved the next time it happens, after they are sentenced to probation, then return and re-offend. No more “three strikes” so this will go on forever.


Increase funding to the police…..keep criminals in jail for their entire sentence and bring back heavy bail amounts….if we don’t have room in the jails build more….add up the cost of crime to the citizens business and government….Glad they caught him….


Glad they caught the serial burglar- he was Always after me Lucky Charms.


Criminals reside on Sombrilla? Whodathunkit?! With a constant cloud of cannabis smoke in the neighborhood, you just know peeps are up to no good.


No Joe Tarica article in The Tribune on this. And he wants me to pay so that they can “report the news?”. They have the same access to press releases as other organizations. The Tribune just picks and chooses at the clear direction of Tom Fulks. If you are going to donate to local media, choose CCN and patronize their advertisers as well as those of KVEC and KPRL. Boycott The Tribune.


Nice job APD. I know the business community and residents appreciate all you do. Keep up the honorable job.