COVID-19 cases surge in SLO County

December 28, 2021


San Luis Obispo County’s COVID-19 new case rates are surging, with an average daily rate of 72, the county announced on Tuesday.

The number of SLO County residents in hospitals receiving treatment for the virus also increased with 21 currently hospitalized, eight in intensive care. SLO County reported two new coronavirus deaths on Tuesday, one person in their 60s and the other in their 70s.

During the past week, 659 SLO County residents tested positive for the virus. San Luis Obispo leads with 176 new cases, followed by Paso Robles with 100, Atascadero with 75, Arroyo Grande with 59 and Nipomo with 57.

In SLO County, 32,050 people have tested positive for the virus and 373 have died.

There have been 5,242,616 positive cases, and 76,496 deaths in California.

More than 54,145,470 U.S. residents have tested positive for the virus, and 841,988 have died.

In addition, the number of people infected with the virus worldwide continues to increase: 283,159,495 cases with 5,430,320 dead.

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People are dying all the time from Covid. Here’s a story I heard this week from a doctor friend of mine. A 30-year-old woman showed up at work, wasn’t feeling good, was told to take a sick day. She left and went to the emergency room where they gave her a Covid test. It came back positive, she went home and died two hours later from an aneurysm in the brain. So I asked the doctor, “an aneurysm, from Covid?” The doctor told me that yes, deadly aneurysms are one of the known complications from Covid. Shortly after that, I learned from a friend that one of her relatives died of Covid related aneurysm

Contagious Omicron appears to be a blessing, and appears to be much weaker than Delta and !!! delightfully !!! is wiping out the Delta strain :) (See earlier video). Cross your fingers, we may all get natural or hybrid immunity (vaccination plus natural immunity) which will help us deal with future strains of Covid. These of course are not things known.

Sounds good, but the power’s to be have never bought in or talked of following the science of natural immunity. Why is that? So now all of a sudden it’s being added and talked about?

Isn’t natural immunity part of following science?

I am 67, not fat and take vitamin D, zinc, B vitamins daily and have never worried about or gotten sick from this virus. Not bragging, just talking common sense.

Uh Oh. More facts. Time to bury my head in the sand. Can’t learn what I can’t hear.

Interesting that many of the same people who claimed that Covid was a hoax or no worse than a common cold are the same ones who insist that Donald Trump had the election stolen from him. I think what is happening is that algorithms on the Internet have directed a certain segment of the people to outlandish propaganda that has victimized them. They don’t even realize that they are victims and that the information they are receiving on the Internet has been carefully tailored to misinformed them and create divisions in our community

Exactly, it happens on the right side of the political spectrum and the left side. The algos are sending folks to sites that radicalize opinion, create paranoia, foster conspiracies. Look at the absurdity of Qanon.

Please look at the absurdity of all sides. This whole thing has been completely politicized, by politicians, doctors, the media on both sides, and big pharma. The lack of trust and confidence in what is true is the fault of all of them. Nobody gets a pass here.

The current administration has failed miserably across the board and continues to move the goal post as they struggle daily to follow through with his campaign promises regarding COVID-19. The complete incompetence is very apparent and is getting worse as they struggle with no plan.

The radicalization, paranoia, and conspiracy are not limited to one group, or one side or the other. They are all equally guilty of confusion and misrepresenting the facts. They’re going to present the narrative they support and want.

The virus is real, has killed people and will continue to. No sense in dividing people any further or vilifying those with different opinions on the way they desire to seek what’s best for their healthcare and body. We all still have free will and freedom of choice the last time I checked.

We do what we can to keep ourselves healthy…most of us always have. While a much more aggressive virus you have to keep in mind there’s manipulation in how they talley and present the numbers. And in defense of CCN, its not that people don’t believe in the virus, its the government mandates (some that are completely arbitrary and subjective), the locking down of schools, and other reactions that haven’t necessarily prevented anything except the onslaught of lunatics. So yes its a real virus but be careful who you listen to and follow blindly…those who are raising questions and caution about government intrusions aren’t necessarily wrong.

How many have died because we had a bunch of fools on cal coast news a year or so ago telling us Covid was a hoax or no worse than the common cold? In fact, how many still preach that BS? Will any of them make a posting apologizing and admitting they were dead wrong?

Apologize and admit error about Covid?

Like dogmatic ideologues, dig in further … center themselves only to thought that supports the belief system … try to silence (vote suppress, gerrymander, misinform) … continue Trump’s antidemocratic conspiracies along with the anti-vax lies.

If there is any apologies needed, it should come first from Dr.Fauci. Going back to his statements in January 2020 and his incorrect assessment from the beginning, opened the door to much of this.

His flip flop and misguidence since then has been less than impressive while letting the media use him as a political tool of division. He himself has used his position to politicize and divide which shouldn’t of happened. And people wonder why there is no trust or confidence in what they say.

Again, you make statements that only hold certain people or groups accountable while giving passes to ones you support who have equally promoted misinformation. Yes,there are apologies needed, lets start with him if you’re being honest.

373 dead in this County from Covid. How many in this County have died from a complication of the vaccine? Any?

Of those how many died with Covid, from Covid?

373, three hundred seventy three, CCCLXXIII versus ZERO.

Guess your point is that they had comorbidities? So what? 373 died from Covid-19 interacting with their bodies.

Of the 659, do we know the number with the omicron variant?

Info from the UK, US and South Africa, which seems encouraging to those who have been vaccinated or previously caught Covid-19: