Flooding shutters Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo

December 23, 2021


Flooding on Highway 101 near Santa Rosa Street has led to the closure of the highway in both directions.

Shortly before 1 p.m., a clogged drain left 1 to 2 feet of rain water on the highway, according to the CHP. City staff is working to correct the drainage issue.

In addition, the storm has brought power outages, flooding and crashes throughout the Central Coast. Currently, there are 382 PG&E customers in Cambria, 55 customers in Arroyo Grande and 15 in San Luis Obispo without power.

There is a rock and mudslide on Highway 41 east of 46 near Kern County while flooding is slowing traffic on Buckley Road near the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

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Remember the winter of 68’/69’…..Much more rain than these storms and that was back when we had global cooling!

See……climate change.

No. Just weather doing what it does. The clogged storm drains have nothing to do with climate change despite wishful thinking by some. More like poor storm maintenance and preparedness by SLO city and Caltrans.

Perhaps you should research the history of flooding in SLO City. As far as this incident goes, clogged drains are not indicative of climate change. You probably can’t even blame the sluggish drains on plastic bags and plastic straws.

Hoping Santa brought an understanding of sarcasm to several people this year…….Ho Ho Ho.

Hoping Santa brought you the understanding of these notations at the end of your intended sarcastic comments: /s or /sarc

Maybe the storm drain was clogged with old protest signs?

So much for “The Science” predicting a La Niña winter

I remember back in the late 90s, I was working at the SLO airport and living in Los Osos. It rained so hard I couldn’t get to work, LOVR was flooded at Foothill and the South Bay bridge at State Park road was under water too. I feel sorry for the people driving, but I’m happy for our water table.

A real mess. I had to maneuver SLO city streets to get around it all after work. Prado Rd. onramp wasn’t an option today. I love the rain and hope it continues, but Cal Trans needs to do a much better job of storm drain maintenance prior to the storm’s arrival. I drive Hwy 101 six days a week. The trash, tree debris, dead weeds and grass along the median or shoulder have not been maintained. I hope they can improve on their lack of maintenance.

I really appreciate the way the CHP handled the traffic heading southbound from the grade. A great job of slowing the traffic and keeping control of the situation.