SLO County adopts new district map, opponents announce lawsuit

December 15, 2021

Richard Patten map


After a lengthy and contentious process, the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors voted 3-2 on Tuesday to adopt the Patten Map, with supervisors Bruce Gibson and Dawn Ortiz-Legg dissenting.

Split along party lines, local Democrats sought minimal changes while area Republicans wanted cities and communities intact. Under the Patten Map, the county continues to have three districts that lean Republican and two with a Democratic advantage, though the new percentages further favor conservatives.

During public meetings over redistricting, several supporters of Democratic candidates Bruce Gibson and Jimmy Paulding threatened a lawsuit if the board majority selected the Patten Map.

Shortly after Tuesday’s vote, a recently-formed nonprofit, San Luis Obispo County Citizens for Good Government, announced plans to file a lawsuit in an attempt to disqualify the Patten Map. The group says the Patten Map “cracks long-standing communities of interest, dilutes the voice of Latino voters in South County, and radically rearranges long-standing communities of interest.”

During the previous redistricting, 10 years ago, a Templeton man filed a lawsuit against the county after the Democratic majority chose a map that split Templeton between two districts. Six years later, the Democratic majority won the legal battle.


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Can anyone name a single positive or productive thing Supervisor Lynn Compton has done for her district (other than personal favors for far- right friends and business associates)? As far as I can tell she has shown absolutely no leadership regarding any of the most important issues facing her district. And then there’s the matter of her tacit approval and virtual silence when arsonists burned down multiple units of farm worker housing in her hometown on her watch, a crime that has yet to be solved, With no effort on her part to encourage law-enforcement to make sure that justice was served Or that the farm worker housing was replaced, which it never was. Her actions and attitude have been reprehensible during her entire term as supervisor.

Niles Q

The Patten Map is weird, especially Dist. 3, but might not be too bad for the North Coast. Instead of having one Supervisor represent the entire North Coast, the voters will have a say in the election of three Supervisors.

And the Dist. 2 seat might not just be passed from one Democrat to another as has been the case over the past 30 years.

Dist. 2 went from Bud Laurent to Shirley Bianchi to Bruce Gibson. Bianchi was Laurent’s planning commissioner, and Gibson was Bianchi’s PC. Several people have challenged Gibson but he’s been a shoo-in.

Gibson will now have to appeal to voters in San Miguel and Atascadero, which might temper his politics a bit and maybe make him a better leader for all of his constituents.

I think the Supervisors ought to now look at term limits, say three, 4-year terms and yer out.


Does this mean gibson’s current planning commissioner, Mike Multari will run?

Jorge Estrada

The ink is dry and we all still have just one vote, like before. I for one will set aside my concerns and focus on much greater positives for the new year. The best we can do is to stay healthy, wealthy and wise. If you have just one choice, make it grateful. Merry Xmas


Can anyone name one positive or productive thing Lynn Compton has done for her district (other than personal favors for her friends)?


Elections have consequences….

Mitch C

The fat woman has sung, the die is cast, the vote is in. A law suit will make no one happy. Democracy is whoever has the most votes drives the decision; those in the minority need to work to convince the majority that their position should carry the day in future actions.


Either way, Lynn Compton deserves to lose her position as supervisor. She has been a terrible leader. With major controversies in the south county regarding the dunes and emergency response, Compton has been remarkably silent and absent during the important discussions. When arsonists burned to the ground multiple units of farm worker housing in her hometown, Compton did little or nothing. And the perpetrators remain on the loose, with the horrible crime remaining unsolved and mostly forgotten. Can anyone name a single thing Lynn Compton has done that benefits the south county as a whole?


Now let’s move on to the county’s real issues. Please look into ways to save the county taxpayer from excessive spending of county funds. Start looking for ways to fight the drug epidemic that’s crushing communities countywide. Look at ways to keep our economy strong even through tough times that will come, Cut and save so to speak for that rainy day. In a nutshell, do your job. Stop all the political grandstanding on both sides and do what we’re ……. paying you to do.

If these worthless hacks want to waste money and time on a lawsuit, maybe we as taxpayers can organize a group to file a lawsuit against them for failing to provide services paid for and unethical practices detrimental to the taxpaying citizens. Gibson, Paulding, and Ortiz-Leegg are an embarrassment, and lack any creditability, integrity, or character. They all need to be relieved on any public duties next election cycle.


We will never stop excessive spending because most of the conservatives who want to do that, are unwilling to except that the #1 area of excessive spending is in law enforcement and jails.


No exceptions. It is unconscionable to have managerial and administrative public servants making so much more in total compensation (wages, health care, retirement packages) than the average taxpaying worker. How can this be ethical?


Actually the #1 area of spending is salaries, benefits and pensions, unfortunately it is the same elected officials who would have to decide to cut their own salaries, benefits and pensions.


Sorry, but SLO County Sheriff Department and the county jail are needed and should always be priority for public safety. I would also include SLO Country Fire as a priority also. Again, public safety first.

I know the talking point of the Progressive/Socialist “defund the police” is all the craze, or should I say, crazy and foolish, but that’s complete insanity. Have you not seen the tremendous increase in violent crimes across this nation especially in cities and states ran by Progressive’s? How’s defunding and vilifying the Police worked out for them? Chicago, Detroit, New York City, Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles to name just a few. My goodness, get a grip.


There can be no savings in the County sheriff and fire departments? Are they sacred cows? We can’t have less expensive safety departments, and still have the same or better service?

You’re a example of political bias leading to excessive spending.

Left or right, the taxpayer is the victim.


They should be cut as a last resort. Many other options along with blotted county departments that should come first.

How is wanting the SLO Sheriff Department, and SLO County Fire fully funded to save the lives and property of county residents considered being politically bias? Kind of shallow and a cheap shot considering we’re talking about the safety of human lives here.

Absolutely they should be held accountable to a budget and oversight. Unlike most departments we never know year to year the potential for added expenses due to wildfires, earthquakes, floods, active shooter’s, insurgent protest and more. The safety of county residents is needed in all of those potential incidents. Whenever they’ve been needed, they were there.

I don’t consider paying taxes for county Sheriff and fire protection, including medical aide during the last two years of COVID-19 as being a victim of over taxing or excessive spending. I guess we differ on the value of life for our fellow county residents. Sad you feel that way.


Just think the wages and benefits are too generous. Go to Transparent California and see how much the upper echelon of County departments make.


The biggest expense locally is the outrageous salaries and benefits of (many but not all) public employees especially those in administration. The retirement obligations are equal to a second workforce in SLO city. I don’t know why any public employee has to retire at over $100,000 a year.

Reform, such as maximum benefit limits, is the only way to resolve this, but no one in office has the guts to do this. Our previous city manager, Katie Lichtig, gets $5000 a month from the city of SLO for life. She is not alone.


Jimmy Paulding has been an outstanding representative for Arroyo grande. He is always well prepared and educated on the issues affecting his city and makes decisions based on the best interest of all, not just his friends. His tenure as a city councilman has been remarkable and positive for his community. There is no local politician more prepared to be a great county supervisor than Jimmy Paulding. Don’t take my word for it, do the research, ask the questions and talk to his constituents. Please take the time to get to know him and not blindly accept the highly dishonest attacks against him. Jimmy Paulding is the real thing and is doing a good job. More power to him.