Paso Robles man found guilty of murdering popular hairdresser

January 20, 2022

Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores


A San Luis Obispo County judge on Thursday convicted a North County man in the murder of a popular Paso Robles hairdresser.

Carlo Alberto Fuentes Flores, 44, waived his right to a jury trial. Superior Court Judge Timothy Covello found Flores guilty of first-degree murder along with enhancements for committing the crime amid a rape and burglary.

Nancy Woodrum, 62, who operated The Strand salon in downtown Paso Robles, went missing in May 2018. In Dec. 2018, investigators determined DNA evidence in the case matched Fuentes Flores, a painter who Woodrum had hired to do work at her home.

Fuentes Flores then the led investigators to Woodrum’s body in a rural area off Highway 58 in eastern SLO County.

Fuentes Flores is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 24. He faces life in prison without parole.

“This conviction will not bring Nancy Woodrum back, nor will it lessen the grief of her loved ones,” said SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow. “This is however a critical step towards achieving an appropriate punishment for the predator who is responsible for her brutal murder. This conviction was only possible because of the immense amount of diligence and unwavering professionalism of the Sheriff’s Office investigative team.  Our hearts remain with the Woodrum family and her loved ones who are suffering the pain of her loss.”


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Good. Glad he will never see freedom again. An evil person that deserves more than life in prison.


Kicking a man when he’s down? How is that helping anyone? Just more animosity and hatred and lack of compassion.


Compassion for a cold-blooded murderer???

How about some compassion for his innocent victim?

WHAT is wrong with you?


Are you serious? He burglarized, raped, and then murdered this lady. Your hatred and animosity towards me and my comments has twisted your wires. You might want to give an apology to this womans family and friends. My goodness, what a terrible comment.