SLO city’s transit revises bus routes because of labor shortage

January 31, 2022


Riders utilizing bus service in San Luis Obispo are experiencing missed service and delays amid employee shortages, according to the City of SLO.

“The labor shortage situation is causing missed service and delays to SLO Transit’s bus service,” according to the city. “We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience our community is experiencing and will continue to diligently monitor the situation and work closely with First Transit to alleviate the ensuing impacts to service.”

Some routes are temporarily canceled while the scheduling of multiple routes have been temporarily altered.

The city is asking riders to review SLO Transit’s rider alerts and news page.


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Labor shortage equals pay raise. Econ 1 page 1.

Jorge Estrada

Must be nice to live in times where nobody seems to need the work? The problem is free money.


Get some RTA administrators out there driving the routes.


More like a pay shortage…