Pedestrian seriously injured after being struck by vehicle near Nipomo

February 11, 2022


A pedestrian suffered major injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Highway 101 in Nipomo near the Santa Maria Raceway on Friday, according to the CHP.

Shortly after 1 p.m., the man was walking in the fast lane on the northbound side of Highway 101 when a woman driving a grey Toyota Camry hit him. The woman then pulled over in the center divide and called 911.

First responders transported the pedestrian to a local hospital.

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No pedestrian use of the roadsides. Get off the road = don’t get hit by cars. Pretty simple.

No pedestrian use of the roadsides. I repeat. No pedestrian use of the roadsides. Saw a couple walking their dog along LOVR last weekend taking up the e tire bike lane…nevermind the dozens of trails and beaches they could be at, they chose the dirty roadside breathing vehicular exhaust. Strange entitled behavior from the “woke” people. Personally, I’m sick of it all.

Humongous homeless encampment directly under the bridge at that spot he probably lost his bearings.

No doubt he lost more than his bearings. He’ll be lucky if he’s still breathing.

Yes, just last night around 5:30 pm, I watched a guy run across the 101 just south of the bridge. It is happening more often with all the homeless camps.