San Luis Obispo County lifting indoor mask mandate

February 9, 2022

By Karen Velie

San Luis Obispo County officials announced Wednesday they will lift the county’s indoor mask mandate on Feb. 16. New case rates have been dropping for several weeks.

The state continues to require masking in indoor public places for those who are not
vaccinated and for everyone, regardless of vaccination status, in healthcare facilities, schools, shelters, corrections, long-term care facilities and on public transit.

The California Department of Public Health is planning to adjust the state’s mask policies for schoolchildren in the near future.

“Getting vaccinated as a community is our ticket out of hospital surges, away from the drumbeat of preventable deaths, and out of restrictions like masking requirements,” said Dr. Penny Borenstein, county health official. “Today, we are in the position of being able to lift one layer of protection. As we look ahead, I implore you to protect yourself and your family by staying up-to-date with your vaccine.”

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Masks do work, especially n95 and kn95 and even kf94. It’s people who refused to wear masks in public, or pull them down to cough and sneeze, but most importantly, it’s people who don’t wear masks when they gather indoors at small private functions. Masking does work if everyone does it. Vaccinated individuals still make up over 35% of total hospitalizations and over 25% of deaths and account for the majority of transmissions so the vaccines aren’t really our ticket out of hospitalizations and preventable deaths like dr borenstein claims. Stupid idea to lift mask mandate when we have more deaths than ever. 695 cases over the last 2 days and 18 deaths in the last 3 days is not the time to lift the mask mandate. They should wait until case rates are at an all time low. Otherwise, WHAT HAVE WE ALL BEEN DOING THIS FOR? Thanks Newsom, way to go

My body my choice.

Does anyone think this is just a reaction to Newsom’s photos ignoring his own lockdown at SoFi Stadium? Before that, there was even talk of extending it to June to get through the school year.

On the surface, yes. You want your freedom? Freedom has never been free. It’s a test. Give the masses what they claim they want.

“The state continues to require masking in indoor public places for those who are not vaccinated “ makes no sense to me. I know more vaccinated people that have tested positive for Covid than unvaccinated.

I haven’t been wearing a mask since they lifted the mandate last June, and I’m not vaccinated either. I’ve had enough of that crap, you don’t have to listen to them.

“The state continues to require masking in indoor public places for those who are not vaccinated”

Any guesses which businesses will hire Karens to check for vax cards for the unmasked?

Remember kids, antibodies don’t count, and the media will still make you believe that the vaxxed can’t spread!

Wow looks like Dr. Penny is finally following the science that cloth masks don’t work.

Where’s the science that’s says masks don’t help? They’re not 100% but they do help

Science?…how about 850,000 Americans dead with mask mandates in place…hows that for sceince?….watch people in the market next time you go…we are all touching our faces 10 times more than normal while wearing masks…

Its like back when I smoked…I caught every cold that popped up because my fingers were on my face all the time…same with a mask…even the vaunted N95 masks should really only be worn once….

A lot more would be dead without masks and social distancing. Higher deaths per capita in places where masks and vaccines are frowned upon.

Even if that’s true (which I highly doubt), it’s better to live your life and be able to read facial expressions then be a cyborg.

Cloth masks not ALL masks. Surgical and N95 masks DO work.

You’ll never satisfy the mask fanatics…all masks “work,” depending how you want to define “work.” Respirators & N95 masks are the only ones arguably effective at reducing transmission of respiratory diseases…surgical masks are far less effective (almost always do not provide a proper fit and allow small particles through), and cloth masks are essentially virtue signaling as they provide very minimal protection for anyone.

We the people.. thanks for proving my point. No one has ever said masks are 100 percent effective! Nothing is. But they help as you have said. And you can thank the mask-wearing “virtue-signalers” for doing their part to help stop the spread.

I don’t see a whole lot of properly fitted N95 masks when I’m out…I see a lot of poor quality, ill-fitted generic KN95 masks made in China…and most people take them off when they cough & sneeze. Cleo, I think you are missing the point…whether masks work or not is not the issue. You are neglecting the whole Bill of Rights/Constitution part of the equation. I’m sure you’re probably for body sovereignty when it comes to abortion, but somehow not when it comes to mask & vaccine mandates. N95 masks do protect the wearer to a certain extent. So if we can agree on that, why would everyone need to wear one? If you feel that covid is something worth wearing a N95 mask for, then go right ahead, even better wear a full-faced respirator…that is your freedom of choice. Same with the vaccines…if it protects the vaccinated, why do you care if some people refuse to get it? It’s pretty clear to everyone by now that covid is readily transmitted whether you’re vaccinated or not.

I have 3 kids in school and none of them have gotten covid despite almost daily exposure notifications that somebody in their class was positive. Seems like masks work especially when everyone is wearing them.

The maskers won’t be able to give me the eye roll after next week..

The unwashed, manner lacking un-masker’s are gonna be giving me eye-rolls next week when I’m still sporting a face mask.