Geoff Auslen is running for SLO County supervisor, learn more

March 9, 2022

Geoff Auslen


I am a long-time conservative North County small businessman and community leader. I currently own Glenn’s Repair & Rental in Atascadero, along with several other ventures and volunteer projects.

I am running for Supervisor because the new Second District deserves a conservative voice that will stand up for our values, enact conservative policies that create jobs, and protect law enforcement and first responders. I intend to be that voice.

My opponent is progressive Bruce Gibson. Gibson voted to support the progressive single-payer health plan, which would have cost taxpayers $400 billion annually, outlawed private insurance and Medicare, and raised taxes on already-overburdened small businesses.

He opposes keeping Diablo Canyon – which employs 1,500 local residents and provides nearly 10% of our state’s energy – open past 2025. He’s done nothing to increase our local water supply. He’s even voted to defund the police.

I’m proud to be supported by county residents of all different partisan leanings. It’s proof that our county’s problems – and my small business background and pragmatic, common-sense approach – transcend party politics.

Inflation, stagnant job and wage growth, skyrocketing gas prices, soaring crime rates and increasing emergency response times in rural parts of the county aren’t red issues or blue issues – they are problems that plague each and every one of us. This is why I’ve been endorsed by the conservative Lincoln Club of SLO County, the Atascadero Police Association, the Atascadero Professional Firefighters, and a host of North County elected and small business leaders.

I was raised right here on the Central Coast. I’ve created jobs as a local small businessman, and will fight for conservative policies that attract business investment, create head-of-household jobs and protect our local cops and first responders.

To learn more about our campaign and see our list of endorsements, visit Auslen for Supervisor. See you on the campaign trail.

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you forgot to add – against raising taxes or deficit spending.

Conservative? Prove it. What is your plan with the tremendous drug problems in our county? How are going to stop the political Progressives in the county and their corruption and close ties to the deadly pot industry? What about the corruption of the A.P.C.D. and the lies and deceit regarding the dunes? What about the streamlining of county government and holding department heads accountable for their actions?

County Fire and Sheriff should always be top priority. That’s a no brainer. The protection of our county is paramount. How are going to fight the deceit and lies on the push for green power? We should all be good stewards of our earth while having the option to choose how we go about it, not forced through threats or corrupt agendas from politicians who fill their pockets while fleecing the hard-working taxpayer.

Bottom line, we must defeat Bruce Gibson. He is as corrupt as the come and needs to booted out so he can go grow flowers and worship the sun with Jim Patterson and David Blakely.

Heard this guy on kvec today with Dave Congalton. How refreshing to hear a regular community guy talk about his qualifications running for office! No retoric or slick political doubletalk- Sounds to me like he is someone to challenge Bruce here on the coast. Change is definitely needed. I like the idea that he is a moderate republican, so is Vicki that was on after him. Its time to ditch the labels and just be the best person for the job.

How do we get through to these people that Single Payer cuts out the profiteers? These people have others convinced that the wealthiest nation in the history of upright humans need people to literally die from medical neglect? Over half of bankruptcies are from medical costs.

The same old yammering about small businesses being taxed. YES, small businesses pay taxes. Big ones don’t but they sure do profit. Ted Cruz when campaigning said “Every day small business owners tell me that Obama care is putting them out of business. small business are exempt from requiring medical insurance. WHEN DO THE LIES STOP?

If a small business or big business or whatever didn’t have to worry about medical expenses, they could focus on their business. Can i afford the bronze, or Silver or Gold? what is my Co-pay? What is my deductible? what if I spend $12,000 a year on medical and never get sick? Every 10 years, that’s $120,000 the insurance company puts in their pockets.

Right Now the city, State and County spend an ENORMOUS amount of the taxes collected on Medial INSURANCE. NOT on Medical treatment. imagine if everyone paid an extra $4,000 a year instead of $12,000 but the employers didn’t have to spend a dime?

We have a Cul De sac with 6 homes on it. out of the 6 homes, 5 are State or County employees AND spouses but the single woman who couldn’t get the county or State Job Can’t have medical benefits. Because she doesn’t make enough to pay $12,000 a year on medical, she’s on medical and so WE’RE ALREADY PAYING.

When is enough of the B.S. enough? this isn’t a conservative or Liberal agenda. it’s a REALITY and when you see someone Just sating what they think appeases his target audience, it’s the same old same old.

HOW are you going to fight rising costs? the Oil companies made record profits and THAT is what drives fuel costs. What steps will you take?

How is the Local Government going to create “Head of Household jobs”?

I personally think Bruce Gibson is an idiot but please explain what EXACTLY you could do to fulfil any of the claims?

…Government spending is already crushing the state …unsustainably so…….single payer will not fix anything…. it will destroy what remains of our health care system…insurance is not health care….you can cover everyone you want …that will not fix anything ….it will break it ….. if we ever go the route of strictly government supplied health care, the system will collapse into to something that is very ugly for all….government is the problem ….not profit….You cannot seriuously think that government health care will solve the problem….Can you ?

Insurance is not healthcare is EXACTLY why it needs to go away. Veterans walk in the V.A. and get treated. The Doctors charge the V.A. the V.A. pays. I think you might not have thought it out. The CEOs of 178 health care companies collectively made $3.2 billion during the coronavirus pandemic, which was 31% more than 2019, according to an Axios analysis of financial filings.

The CEOs of 178 health care companies collectively made $3.2 billion during the coronavirus pandemic, which was 31% more than 2019, according to an Axios analysis of financial filings.

You seem to be unaware of how difficult it is for Veterans to get treatment…

The walk in and wait and wait and wait….Apply that to the nation of 330 million people and it will be a disaster …Everyone will be covered ….but treatment will be a nightmare to get …if you get it …do really not know that ???

Its true, I can’t even afford medical. They want $500 with $5000 deductible. So I have to pay $11,000 before they will even cover .01cent?

This guy should stick to filling propane tanks and tinkering with lawn mowers.

Might be nice to have someone that is somewhat neutral and understands that compromise is necessary from all political parties not just the other side.