Morro Bay drops controversial waterfront camping program

March 10, 2022


In response to community outrage, the Morro Bay City Council on Tuesday voted to cancel its waterfront camping program located at Tidelands Park, Coleman Drive and in Morro Bay parking lots.

In 2020, the city began an RV and tent camping program that included 19 space with views of Morro Rock and the bay. The city charged users $65 to $75 a night.

Citing noise and compatibility, a group of citizens fought back. Organized by Morro Bay residents Betty Winholtz, Carole Truesdale and Jim Curnutt, the group gathered 869 signatures in order to put the issue on a ballot. They only needed 820 signatures.

The city council then adopted an ordinance ending the camping program.

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Perhaps Morro Bay should focus on how to spin the now approaching $200,000 million dollar sewer that Jamie irons, Christine Johnson and Noah smuckler saddled them with.

$200 million / $70 (camping fee) = 2,875,150 paid days / 19 spaces = 150.376 / 365 days a year = 412 years of camping fees at 100 percent occupancy will pay for the sewer plant, Not including any admin cost to the city.

Does this mean people can’t camp in the bushes along Hi one in Morro Bay too?….

Didn’t bother me any…why it was so objected to I fail to understand….but whatever….

It’s been free to camp overlooking zero body contact Whale Rock reservoir for a couple years now apparently….. The latrine must be wherever is convenient . Quartzite and many other desert areas are getting so populated they may need to start adding area codes.

Kind of a high price just to camp; I’m surprised it attracted as much “riff raff” or attention as it did. Strange days indeed.