PG&E seeking huge rate increase

March 24, 2022


In addition to increased gas, food and rental costs, San Luis Obispo County residents are facing rising electric bills as PG&E rates climb.

After receiving permission to raise rates 22% in 2022, PG&E wants to raise its rates by another 22% percent from 2023 through 2026. PG&E rates jumped 8% in January and 10.5% last week, with another 3% increase slated for this summer.

On March 22, the California Public Utilities Commission listened to proponents and opponents of the additional 22% increase.

In the end, the Public Utilities Commission will determine if PG&E can raise its rates another 22%, which would be a more than 44% increase in rates over five years.

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Just wait until 2035 (just 13 years from now) when California is set to do away with natural gas (almost 50% of our electricity is generated by natural gas). Does everyone have a bicycle?

On fixed income but just got 2% cost of living pay increase so I’m in the hole by 20% with the PGE increase. You try to conserve your energy use but you can’t keep up with the increases

Seems like pge is passing on the bill for its liability for the wildfires to consumers instead of taking the hit to its profits like it should. Hopefully PUC will tell them where they can shove it.

I agree with you, but don’t count on it.

Obviously you haven’t been paying attention, the CPUC let’s PG&E do as they please…I’m sure you could probably follow the Benjamin’s….and the progressive left agenda!

The PUC will do nothing. They’re the ones who approved the ability for P.G.&E. to increase their rates to help cover and recoup the cost of their liability in their incompetence and failure to maintain their own power infrastructure. This absolutely led to multiple fires, millions of dollars of property loss not to mention the deaths of innocent people.

On a side note, but very important and telling, P.G.&E. and their lobbyist are one of the biggest supporters of Newsoms’ re-election, and a big defender of him with funding to oppose his recall. I think we should tell Newsom; P.G.&E. and the PUC they can shove it. They will do nothing. Do your own research into this, and you’ll be shocked.

They are not allowed to recover the costs for the fires. This most likely is the beginning of the cost for “clean” power (carbon free nukes need not apply) and the burying of thousands of miles of transmission lines.

Here, Here…Rampant Greed is tearing this Country apart…The paid-for politicians place the burden of corporate greedmongers on the taxpayer while they look the other way with their PAC palms out for contributions. Kinda like Newsome’s $400 per car gas rebate courtesy of California Taxpayers while the Oil Companies continue to gouge us. Enough already!

My fixed income has gone up 2% for cost of living so 2% should be good for them also!!! Typical Dem run state prices always go up wages don’t. You try to conserve on energy but you can’t keep up with price hikes

Saving the planet will ironically kill us all….

The failed system of the liberal policies and the anti-nuke ppl coming back to haunt us. The state can not even deliver enough electricity to us now, always asking us to cut back, at some point you won’t be able to plug in your EV and with the crazy notion that all petro cars will be outlawed. Stupid is stupid does.

Well, you wanted inadequate, high cost, environmentally destructive, low energy producing solar and wind, and to hell with San Onofre, Humboldt Bay, Rancho Seco, Diablo Canyon producing the cleanest and greenest energy to at least half the state. So this is what you get.

Lame, but our addiction to the juice is real! Maybe this will inspire(force?) a simpler lifestyle on many that will learn they’re actually happier without it.

You can use kerosene lanterns and buy ice to keep food cold no tv radio or ph and just become a zombie and live out your life I guess

You first, put down your phone and go find a cave to live in!

Someone has to pay those million dollar compensations for PGE administrators and for their managements failure of maintaining PGE’s infrastructure.