SLO County’s gas prices continue to soar

March 2, 2022


San Luis Obispo County gas prices have risen above $5 a gallon, setting new record highs.

As of Wednesday, the average price of regular gasoline in SLO County is $5.03 a gallon, according to AAA. One month ago, the local average was $4.83 a gallon. A year ago, it was $3.83 a gallon.

Gas prices in SLO County are among the highest in the nation and are higher than the current California average of $4.87. Drivers are paying more at the pump in California than in any other state. The current national average is $3.66.

There are only two counties in California where drivers are currently paying more at the pump in SLO County. Mono County has an average gas price of $5.66. In Inyo County, the average price of a gallon of gas is three-tenths of a cent higher than in SLO County.

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Gas is on the rise because the Biden administration is using it all gaslighting the hell out of us…..

Uncle Joe says just go buy a Tesla and your problem will be solved…

No good deed go unpunished, no disaster goes unfunded and there are many more slogans intended to make us laugh while “Social Engineering” trains us to give more and more and more.

I sure am glad I’m retired after 55+ years of working and don’t have to fill my vehicle once a week to drive to and from work. I certainly feel for those who have too. Especially those who have or are just starting families.

Best wishes to all of you.

Hard to believe the ineptitude of these bumbling morons. We were energy dependent and the largest producer of oil in the world and then BAM. Now we are beholden to a regime which seems intent on destroying the very fabric of society. That’s what happens when you have people who have never worked an honest day in their lives pulling the strings. Good heavens. What an embarrassment

Yet oil is dictated by a “cartel”. Energy independence has nothing to do with oil or gas, these prices are all governed by global cartels whom are psychopathic and run by psychopathic companies who use propaganda to increase their profits while we still get screwed. It’s called OPEC. Politicians love to exploit peons with adds promoting fossil fuels, like here in SLO county, John Peschong, Heidi Harmon anyone?, and we see no benefit. Unlike Alaska, who actually sends checks to it’s citizens. Why don’t we own our oil as a state or nation? The right wing politicians are bought off with fossil fuels just like the left are bought off by green energy, we all loose. We rent our precious little land to allow crooks to steal oil from us, then screw us again with price rigging, monopolies and cartels, all illegal in America. I’m speaking so generically here.

Where was this mysterious cartel from Jan 2016 to Jan 2021? Because for those 4 years, the US produced more oil than it needed, and sent the surplus off to the world market (did you get the “surplus” part?). Prices for everything related to, and created from oil, dropped, because the USA had no pressing need to buy oil from the world market.

Since America is the largest end user of oil, revenue to foreign oil producing countries was curtailed, causing a glut of foreign oil available on the market, causing prices globally to fall.

Nobody “owns” the oil until it is pumped out. Federal, state, and private LANDS are owned, and lease the land to oil companies to develop. Whoever gets the lease…owns the oil. When the state owns large leases, oil companies pay them to operate there, and the state receives royalties shared with the citizens.

States that have oil production on state and federal lands, receive federal tax kickbacks, like Alaska, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama. California has very little federal or state land involved in oil production, hence, little to no windfall. Not that Sacramento would send us a check anyway.

Shutting down wells on federal land (Biden), canceling pipelines (Biden), and ending leases on federal lands and waters (Biden), seriously slowed USA oil production to the point where we are again reliant on world market prices and availability of foreign oil. And no cartels to blame…

Ok, so in one single year we went from energy independence to dependence on foreign oil? Why, because Biden nixed the Keystone Pipeline? That oil had always been meant for foreign markets—just ask the Koch’s. Or because he has suggested we begin transitioning off of fossil fuels, something that will take years?

No system works that fast. Even if Trump had remained president, we’d be in the same boat. It’s a global economy and oil prices are way beyond the pay grade of presidents.

You are on the side of history, and facts. The Biden administration is held hostage by a radical few on the left and they own this mess. Even Pelosi appears to be coming around (a little), “ban Russian oil.”

But according to the Biden Administration having the US produce more oil would not affect prices at the pump. Because we all know that having more of something never causes the price to drop. Cant wait for the new taxes on fuel and the Summer blend to hit in a couple of months…

110 million barrels from strategic reserves have been or are being released in last 5 months but that didn’t stop oil prices from climbing. There’s not a shortage of oil or gas if there were you would see miles long lines for gas stations remember the 70’s? Oil is speculative that’s why those 110 million barrels did nothing to the price of oil. We still export and import oil today. Exporting didn’t end when Biden became president as suggested above. Under trump we were importing and exporting we still are today.