The suffering of Irpin, Ukraine as seen in those fleeing

March 12, 2022


IRPIN, Ukraine – With a constant plume of smoke in the air and the frequent sound of artillery fire behind them, Ukrainian refugees cross the Irpin River on a makeshift bridge, beside the actual one that was blown out.

They are fleeing Irpin, Ukraine, a city in the Kyiv region adjacent to the capital, itself. Fierce battles between Russian and Ukrainian forces have raged there in recent days. 

Many elderly people — walking with canes or not — struggle to cross the river. People reach out hands to assist them.

Some evacuees are not walking at all. They are carried across the river on stretchers. Among those on stretchers, some are alive; some are dead. Ambulances wait on the street that connects to the blown-out bridge to whisk away those most in need of medical care.

One elderly woman was wheeled, rather than carried, along the final stretch of road. She made it out of Irpin via wheelchair and then ambulance. 

In addition to people evacuating, dogs and cats were regular sights among the flow of refugees. Dogs usually walked on leashes, while cats were typically carried out of Irpin in boxes.

Casualties in Irpin are mounting, and images alone might tell the story.


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Thank you Cal Coast News for posting this and for the courage of Josh Friedman to be a witness and share it with all of us. This is important.

Why are some conservative politicians in favor of Putin, and why is Fox news in favor of Putin?

They’re not. Maybe that’s what you want in your own mind. I haven’t heard any politician say they support Putin, let alone any commentary supporting Putin’s genocide on any American news source. Where are you getting your misinformation?

MSNBC, CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, Jen Psaki or all five?

The evidence shows, that if anyone has been supporting Putin recently it was your elected President Biden with the millions, we have unfortunately paid for Russian oil. Who’s really been showing favor through weakness? This current administration. Sorry the facts have to point out the truth here.

Let’s see trump, carlson, vance, cawthorn do I really need to keep going? There are some on the far right who have drawn a line with putin. Mike Pence “there’s no room in the Republican Party for putin apologists”. That was aimed directly at trump.

Huh? Fox News in favor of Putin? Man you clearly don’t watch Fox News.

Yeah the guy with the most viewers on fox tucker carlson. Can’t be Swiss on this one either you’re for tyranny or you’re for democracy.

Well, it’s certainly not most conservatives, but there is a white nationalist fringe that loves Putin and Russia. There’s an attraction to Putin’s hardline authoritarian stand, his aggressive policies, they are attracted to his brand of traditional Christianity that Putin’s expressed. Some have liked Putin’s attacks on the Russian LGBTQ+ community. As America and the world grow more diverse, they see Russia as a beacon of salvation. In 2004 David Duke, a longtime leader of the Ku Klux Klan, described Russia as “key to white survival”. In 2017 rightwing author and commentator Ann Coulter, a opined: “In 20 years, Russia will be the only country that is recognizably European.”

Righty tightly Lefty loosie … all one …

worried about this and that

THIS BE IT! Stone up 45