What gas prices now look like in San Luis Obispo County

March 13, 2022


Gas prices are still on the rise in San Luis Obispo County, though the percentage of increase appears to have slowed.

From Saturday to Sunday, the average price of gas in SLO County increased by one cent to a record $5.92, according to figures from AAA. Last week, the price of gas increased by an average of seven cents a day.

Where in SLO County do you find the cheapest gas prices? Using data from GasBuddy, we’ve compiled a list of gas stations with cheaper prices.

Top 10 lowest priced gas stations in SLO County:

  1. Fastrip Fuel & Wayside Liquors – Paso Robles, Creston Road: $5.35
  2. One Stop Food – Paso Robles, Creston Road: $5.35
  3. Sinclair – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $5.37
  4. 7-11 – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.39
  5. Mobil – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $5.39
  6. Costco –  San Luis Obispo, Froom Ranch Way: $5.39
  7. Valero – Paso Robles, Spring Street: $5.39
  8. Shell – Morro Bay, Morro Bay Boulevard: $5.39
  9. Conserve Fuel – San Luis Obispo, Santa Rosa Street: $5.43
  10. Speedway Express – Paso Robles, 24th Street: $5.49

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How very nice to have a fixed income, mine is variable, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid.

I would love to have an EV that is charged by solar, but I have to haul my tools of the trade and I can’t seem to find a one ton that will charge in the dark. So I plan my trips, drive conservative, shop fuel prices and complain about the cost every chance I get. Thank you CCN for posting the lowest priced gas and not showing pictures of the highest prices, encouraging gauging and getting folks used to being screwed at the pump.

Most people here could save 10-20% on fuel if they changed their driving habits. Just doing 65 instead of 75-80 will save you 10% or more. Make your takeoffs a little slower no need to haul ass when you have to stop at next light. Instead of accelerating to a red light let off the gas and coast towards it. Maybe that light will turn green before you have to come to a complete stop which would save a lot of fuel. I get over 22 mpg in our van my wife gets just under 20. I drive it like I drove our Prius she drives it like she stole it lol. Oil n gas companies donate billions to republicans so do you think they’re going to do anything to help out a democrat in office? Nope high gas prices are good for republicans bad for democrats plus they’re making quadruple profits for no reason other than volatility in a speculative market where the base price is set by countries who are not friendly to the US. Biden admin has approved more drilling permits in first year than trump did in his first year and second year and third year. Oil companies haven’t used very many of those drilling permits. Even when they do it takes months to get the well drilled, cased, rods/pump set and the pumping jack unit set. Also have to run high voltage electricity to the site to run the well. Once again our oil producers could sell the oil to our refiners at a discount and still make profits but they won’t. India is looking to buy reduced priced crude from Russia so why can’t our producers give us a discount? All about the benjamins

The American people have been told for the last 40+ years that the burning of fossil fuels was detrimental to the planet. Yet, they continued to build and buy low average mileage vehicles. Even when prices went to nearly $5 a gallon under Bush and Obama, Americans didn’t flinch.

Now that prices are approaching $7 a gallon, maybe Americans will rethink that purchase of a Suburban or Denali. Gas prices are set globally, so blaming Biden is simply an exercise in futility. The day has come when the U.S. needs to part ways with its gas guzzlers.

Or not. Recently, after paying $5.59 a gallon, I drove onto a very busy 101. It was full of large trucks and SUV’s. There were only a few small sedans, like mine. Even fewer EV’s, mostly Tesla’s (which seem to me like more of a status symbol than a solution).

In other words, do the world a favor, car pool, ride your bike, get an EV, but definitely quit complaining. We were warned long ago.

People have the right to drive what they want. Many families can’t fit into small sedans, or carpool for many reasons. It’s not so cut and dry as you and many others seem to think in your narrow minded “my way is right, so shut up and quit complaining” attitude. I drive a 4-cylinder small truck, Thats my choice and right. One size doesn’t fit all. If you want to buy and drive and ev, well good for you. That’s your choice and right. Let others have theirs as well, along with the freedom to express it.

People also have the right to express their opinions on the effects of the the current events rather those agree with them or not. It’s called freedom of speech. There’s nothing wrong with healthy debating of the issues. The intolerance and limiting free speech by self-righteousness individuals is not American. It’s detrimental to our freedoms and survival as a nation and world. But some are okay with this form of tyranny.

You drove a car? Guilty as anyone.

Trump’s has the behavior of a horses ass, but his policies were rock solid! The question keeps being asked, if Trump was in office would Putin invaded Ukraine? Would Trump kept printing money beyond reason, would ships be stuck waiting off the Port of Los Angeles, the list goes on and on:(

Didn’t like the guy, but this is way worse!!!

Ha, ha, ha!! Whining about how much it costs to fill up your climate denying, flag waving gas guzzling monster trucks? Blaming BIDEN for the situation? Hilarious. That is exactly how you look to the rest of us.

Sorry, but the oil companies are holding on to 9,000 (that is NINE THOUSAND) unused oil leases on public land that they have chosen not to use. And that is Bidens’ fault, just how?

Russian oil was only 3% (that is THREE PERCENT) of our total oil supply. So, the price gouging of the oil companies (who are again making RECORD PROFITS) is Biden’s fault, just how?

And when you get right down to it, the windfall taxes that were put in place by the Carter admin. were removed by the GQP (that would be your cherished “RIGHT”), as quickly as possible. That is Biden’s fault, just how?

Just not following any of Ya’ll’s thinking here. If, indeed any thinking is taking place. After all, you are only repeating what you have been told to say. Like blaming inflation on the current administration, when it is corporations jacking their prices sky high even though they are already making record profits that are going straight to the upper echelons and their stock holders, not the people doing the actual work. But Ya’ll didn’t want your precious corporations to suffer a windfall tax for robbing us blind, so I don’t see why you are the ones complaining the loudest.

A friend used to say that there comes a time for “riding your own beef”. Which was his way of saying taking responsibility for one’s own actions. If you don’t like how those things are turning out, change them.

Voting this comment down will change nothing.

Clearly you only have an understanding of Democrat strategist taking points and not of the oil industry. The 9000 leases are not producing for a variety of reasons (California legislation has contributed greatly). Inflation is squarely on the shoulders of the politicians (primarily, but not exclusively, democrats). The insane MMT printing of money (and funneling of it to prop up equities) is the main cause of our current inflationary problem…shutting down the global economy certainly played an important role! The fault is NOT on corporate greed…considering PPI is about 2% higher than CPI. Don’t worry, corporate “greed” will kick in to make up the difference…you just haven’t felt ALL of that inflation yet. The windfall tax you refer to is just asinine…look at the EPS of big tech, or Amazon…they are the ones making a fortune at the expense of the taxpayer. Just keep your head in the sand, I’m sure your EV will solve all of the world’s problems!

Back in January of 2021, Trumps last week in office, I paid $3.17 a gallon. I filled up yesterday as I do every Saturday evening and paid $5.87. It cost me $92.00. Thats an increase of $2.70 under the Biden watch. You can’t weasel out of this one and blame it on others.

This has been a purposeful endeavor by the Biden administration that has gone terribly wrong and will be the final nail in the coffin for the Progressive Democrats this next election cycle. They earned the coming defeat.

Biden could end this with one swift action of his pin. His caretakers will not let it happen. They want this.

Nationalize the oil and gas industry? He only controls federal lands. There’s plenty of private land that can be drilled with much easier permit process. Why issue more permits when there’s plenty already approved? It will be months before any new wells drilled bring oil to marketplace which isn’t going to help that much when it does if we’re still dealing with russia. Cutting back on how much fuel we use and stop buying crap we don’t need are about the only things we as consumers can do to lower demand and theoretically lower prices and inflation. But then again opec could just lower production to offset that reduced demand to keep prices higher.

This is what we were promised…we voted…so stop complaining about it….

Buy a bicycle and you will never have to worry about charging an EV again.

I’m 65 plus bike out of Question any other great thoughts of wisdom. Oh fixed income can’t afford EV,

Buy an EV and you’ll never worry about gas gouging again!

Just about rising electric prices.

If EV was the answer why doesn’t the post office have and use them?

And why isnt every normal use goverment vehicle an EV?, or why dont they require employees to have one, if they can force vaccinations due to an health emergency why not EVs due to a climate emergency?

Because trumps crony still runs the usps and even though he was asked to buy ev’s he bought ice vehicles. That’s why

Because massive pollution from mining and processing of lithium for batteries is so much better.

On fixed income you buy it for me I’ll drive it. My house electricity is pushing $200 a month could just add a little more I guess

Try 22% more