2 overdoses, 1 death at SLO County safe parking site

April 19, 2022


One person is dead after two people allegedly overdosed on Monday morning at the San Luis Obispo County safe parking site off Kansas Avenue.

At about 8:30 a.m., first responders stopped by a mobile home to check on a man and woman who lived there. Responders found the man had died while the woman was showing signs of an overdose.

The woman was transported to a local hospital.

“We are sad to learn of this tragedy at the site,” said Jeffrey Al-Mashat, safe parking site program manager. “Drugs are one of the things guests struggle with as they try to get on their feet, and sadly it appears drugs were a factor in this tragedy.”

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Nothing safe about this place or story. What are the rules and conditions for staying there. Who is in charge of overseeing this now deadly place. Wasn’t there an RV fire there as well that took a life? Those staying there should have some accountability and responsibility in which allows them to be there.

The rules and conditions for them staying there are is they don’t stay out in front of where you live. Now, which would you rather have? A couple of deaths and overdoses a month? Or a new “neighbor”?

Staggering ignorance in these comments. These overdoses are happening in EVERY neighborhood, especially the low income ones and this is about as low-income as a neighborhood can get. Put on your thinking caps once in awhile.

If illicit dangerous drugs are present/available/traded/sold, and residents are overdosing and dying at the Kansas Avenue so-called “Safe Parkng Site”, then it isn’t really a Safe Parking Site. It is more like SLO County’s Kansas Avenue Un-Supervised Un-Safe Illegal Drug Injection Center. Make it truly safe by sweeping the RV’s and surrounding area with drug-sniffer dogs and arrest the violators. They’ll be safer in the county jail. There have been more deaths at Kansas Ave Safe Parking Site in the last 3 months than in the past 3 years at the jail.

I think we need to get over “the war on drugs” mentality. Drugs won that war and continue to win. Drugs will always win.

The safe parking site was supposed to be an option to get people off the street and give these people stability and offer them services, treatment and counseling. The agencies in charge of helping individuals have utterly failed at even trying.

Also if people are afraid of getting arrested for their addictions they won’t come. They will be living back in neighborhoods and dropping needles in playgrounds. Kansas ave could be successful if mental health and addiction services did what they’re supposed to do. You got hell of drug addicts in one place. Help them.

Addiction treatment is needed, but that compassionate tact fails against recidivist behavior. Appeasement in the struggle against destructive elements in society will also result in failure. I’m not interested in waving a white flag in ”the war on drugs” because: 1) your white flag is badly stained with blood, and 2) the war has never been prosecuted in an effective and serious way.

What did they expect to happen at Camp Gibson!!!

Drugs should be hard to get a hold of…if the federal government were doing its job they would be….

Poison is just flowing across our borders and onto the streets….government being irresponsible and not providing beds in rehab centers…just letting them stay high and live on the street….that’s not compassion…..

I think you got the right idea here. Let’s pump more money into “the war on drugs” because that’s been working great. I know that’s where I want my tax money spent. Well that and other wars. They make the world a better place. That’s for sure.

Do you think its working without a war on drug trafficking across the border?…. we have 100,000 overdoses a year…. its time to stop the whining about a failing war on drugs and find a way to win the damn thing…. and letting people kill themselves in a government sponsered “safe Parking site” is completely unexceptable….

Safe? Only if you’re responsible.

That goes for literally anything and everything…. I think it’s time we put the blame where it actually belongs; with individuals making their own choices.

Let’s put the blame where it really belongs. On the parents who were negligent and let their children be abused/sexually abused. The parents who were negligent and continued the cycle. If you want to get to the bottom of why people are so fucked up you gotta peel back the layers of the onion. It’s complex. I don’t have an answer and by you over simplifying things you clearly have no idea either.

This was my twin brother the overdosed and HOW DARE YOU PUT THIS ON PARENTS!!! We grew up in a great home in the country on a small ranch, we played sports, rodeoed and had parents that loved us and encouraged us. Good people make bad decisions. He was a good man that had a monkey on his back with both mental illness and addiction. I do not do drugs, have a very successful life and a beautiful family and was blessed to be raised in the way we were.

BTW….so many of the homeless have families, good families that love them and worry about them and are heart broken when we they lose their battle with this beast called addiction!!

I’m sorry for your loss, I’ve lost a few good ones to addiction also. Hard on the families that watch but can’t make it stop.