Gary Grossman proposes mixed-use development for Grover Beach

April 14, 2022


Developer Gary Grossman’s Coastal Community Builders plans to construct a four-story, mixed-use development in the heart of Grover Beach, a project the city is endorsing.

City plans prioritize development at the intersection of West Grand Avenue and 4th Street. Coastal Community Builders recently entered escrow to acquire to acquire a .69-acre lot there.

The developer’s plans call for constructing a 45-foot-high, four-story building at 402 West Grand Avenue. The structure would contain either 22 two-bedroom units or 44 studio units, according to the city of Grover Beach.

Coastal Community Builders plans for the ground level to consist of commercial space, including a restaurant with outdoor dining along both West Grand Avenue and South 4th Street. Additionally, there will be a rooftop deck that could accommodate more outdoor dining for a restaurant and an open space area for residents.

Plans also include 51 on-site parking spaces, as well as dense landscaping with a masonry wall adjacent to existing residences along the southern property boundary.

On Monday, the Grover Beach City Council viewed a presentation on the project and presented feedback.

“Our city continues to invest in West Grand Avenue to advance our vision to transform this area into a thriving and vibrant commercial corridor that also provides housing for our community,” Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee said in a statement. “We are excited to review proposals and collaborate on plans to ensure new developments uphold our community values.”

The city stated the project at West Grand Avenue and 4th Street is intended to create a pedestrian-friendly gateway with outdoor cafes and well-designed corner treatments that provide a distinct character, according to the news release,

“These proposed improvements on West Grand Avenue will benefit our entire community by providing a more enjoyable experience on our ‘grand boulevard’ for all those who live, work and visit our city,” City Manager Matthew Bronson said.


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The more I think about it, you cant really blame the developer, he wants to get the most for his money as possible. Who at the City of Grover Beach is going to issue a permit?

Jorge Estrada

I will predict a 44 studio project resulting in a parking issue. They will sell and generate much greater profit for today and tomorrow. They most definitely won’t be affordable housing.


nice spot for the proposed pot bars.


Oh come on! A four story monster in Grover Beach? Please don’t do this! And the traffic this will add…

I wonder if they will get $pecial treatment getting through the rather frustrating city building bureaucracy in Grover?


A cal poly university graduate must have been involved in the design of this project. This project is out of scale for Grover Beach, dense, unsightly. Grover Beach you can do a lot better.


I sure hope it looks better than the 100’s of new homes he’s building which are all crammed together on Madonna in SLO.


More cal poly iinfluence?


It’s always interesting when these depictions don’t represent an accurate view of just what a 4-story building will look like next to existing structures. Instead, the background consists of some nice mountains and towering trees which dwarf the project but in reality do not exist. The nearby property owners will have to be content with “dense landscaping with a masonry wall adjacent to existing residences along the southern property boundary” neither of which will do anything to obstruct the view of the 45′ structure proposed for next door.


It’s not crowded enough yet?


Yikes, if approved our already fiscally broken FCFA will have to buy fire equipment capable of dealing with a four story structure, expect another new tax to fund it, way past time to dissolve the FCFA and contract with Cal Fire.