SLO County district attorney and winery owner bury the hatchet

April 14, 2022

Dan Dow, Adam Montiel and Tobin James Shumrick


After a contentious couple of years, Paso Robles winemaker Tobin James Shumrick and San Luis Obispo County District Attorney Dan Dow have buried the hatchet with the help of radio personality Adam Montiel.

For six months, Shumrick contended with a delusional neighbor who regularly trespassed on the Tobin James Winery property, where he harassed employees and customers. During one encounter, Shumrick shot the trespassing neighbor’s tire, leading to a vandalism conviction against Shumrick.

Following the conviction, Shumrick, who was upset that it took months before his harasser was convicted, placed four ads in the SLO New Times asking people not to vote for Dow in the upcoming election.

Montiel contacted Dow and Shumrick, two men he has good relationships with, and they agreed to meet in Paso Robles. Both Shumrick and Dow then discussed their positions, while listening to the other side. In the end, the men buried the hatchet.

“To see both these bold and assertive men, set aside pride, ego, even the reverberations of their supporters, to listen with openness, share, all while never having to sacrifice where they were coming from was admirable and an example we wouldn’t mind seeing more of these days,” Montiel said.

Dow is grateful to Montiel for helping them to clear the air and possibly form a new friendship.

“I am grateful to my friend Adam Montiel for brokering this productive meeting between me and Tobin James Shumrick,” Dow said. “We were able to listen to each other respectfully and this led to clearing the air of prior assumptions and misunderstandings. I assured Tobin that I do not hold grudges and that I consider this all behind us. It turns out that we have more in common than we might have thought. I believe that this is the beginning of a new long-term friendship.”

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If you are arrested in the County ask to have lunch with Dan Dow and Adam Montiel. Dow will probably drop the charges. The downside is you’ll need 4 $1500 ads in New Times. You also have to own or buy a winery. Ultimately you and Dow will bury the hatchet. Kevin Rise is absolutely correct. They should have never let this get in the press.

I think Mr. Shumrick was enlightened on his illegal antics, along with his slanderous libel of Mr. Dow, and learned that his version of speedy justice, isn’t a part of reality.

So if I get enough media attention saying DA Downer is weak on crime, we get a story, then everyone loves Dow yet ignores local Chaos? The feds are here investigating the Sherrif, Adam Hill, our school district; and the Rich DA doesn’t know making 300k yearly? Really. Duhhhhhh

This is how adults are supposed to behave, great job all involved.

Real adults are supposed to take out ads in the newspaper hurling insults at each other and then rely on some random DJ to arrange a kumbaya therapy session for their hurt feelings because one of them is running for reelection? I am very glad most adults do not behave in such a ridiculous fashion.

Nice story on Good Friday.

People are at their best when they smile together, amen.

Life is good when people sit down and talk to each other. Great job Adam!!!

Very odd PR stunt here,so if I’m a rich business owner dealing with a grievance and slander the DA, I can meet up with the DA at a park and “hash things out”, but if I’m not that, I can’t? Wth is this?

So who’s being paid off?