Did Arroyo Grande Councilman Paulding vote to give himself a raise?

May 6, 2022


Jimmy Paulding, an Arroyo Grande councilman, is trying to unseat incumbent San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton with a campaign heavy on feigned outrage.

With the election fast approaching, Paulding accused Compton and developer Nick Tompkins of funding Back the Badge, a political action committee, and disseminating false information about his voting record, in a video message he released Thursday. Paulding asks voters not to believe a flier that says he voted as a city council member to increase his salary.

“So, you may have received some of these attack ads, they contain all kinds of false information,” Paulding says on Facebook. “For example, one of um says as a city council member I voted to increase my salary, when I voted against that twice.”

On Dec. 10, 2019, Paulding voted to increase his pay as a council member by 60%, from $405 a month to $648 a month, after voting against the raise a month earlier. Paulding also voted to change the timing of his next council race, which will allow him to run for the city council if he loses his bid for supervisor.

Video of Jimmy Paulding’s Facebook message, Paulding voting on compensation and discussing timing for elections.

In his Facebook post, Paulding also accuses Compton of funding Back the Badge, which would violate campaign rules.

“That is absolutely ridiculous,” Compton said. “I have nothing to do with Back the Badge.”

Last month, two businesses owned by Tompkins donated $15,000 each, for a total of $30,000 to Back the Badge.

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Big bummer. You back a guy, and then it turns he’s just a Nixon in training. He says he didn’t vote for a raise and honestly I don’t have a problem if he did, but then he votes for it on a consent agenda and denies he did it? Why lie? Maybe to get elected. Huge disappointment. I’ll sit this one out waiting for my true blue. He ain’t it. And by the way, when you do a denial video, don’t be sweaty.

Little Jimmy is good at begging for votes, lying to AG residents, making false promises and hanging election signs… The other stuff Not so good.

At least Compton has a strong will and a good work ethic- ie – no silver spoon

I don’t see any local politicians on any isle waiving their pay as they should do as ethics or civic service. But they don’t, they bankroll us, lie to us, play us, deceive us. All of them locally. Let them eat cake.

I would be great if we could ship Jimmy off to an isle (island) of one so we don’t have to listen to him straddling the political aisle and pretend to be the be-all end-all for both parties. This guys is beyond bad.

I don’t see any local politicians on any isle waiving their pay as they should do as ethics or civic service. But they don’t, they bankroll us, lie to us, play us, deceive us. All of them locally. Let them eat cake

Lynn Smallman-Compton – “local politician” pay

James Paulding – “local politician” pay

The info is always available – you just need to know where to look.

If you want to find a bigger ass kisser than Jimmy you should start looking at prison inmates.

Jimmy went to law school and got himself elected to the Arroyo Grand City counsel so he would catch up on his opponents experience by 2022,

The only thing they do in A.G. Is discuss whether vehicles at the corporation yard should have their gas tanks filled. AG is the diaper derby training facility for politicians seeking higher office and need practice firing City Managers, They are basically a daisy chain voting in unison. They take turns casting the odd controversial vote.

A.G. consists of the City Counsel, the City Manager, the City Staff and groupies. There only interest is for the club. It’s them against the residents. After all the residents are stupid.

AG has maybe 18,000 residents, If 1/3 are kids not old enough to vote, that leaves about 12,000 of voting age. Let’s say 2/3 are registered to vote, that’s 8,000 voters for 4 districts, 2,000 votes cast in each district. If the race is neck and neck the winner gets 1001 votes, A muskrat could get elected. The Elks Club has more members,

Jimmy went whining to Cal Coast News to protect his record. Cal Coast was probably expecting him. That’s what happens when you spent all your contributions on ice cream and high colonics and can’t buy anymore slick mailers.

I’m tossing a coin to decide who I vote for. One side says Lynn Compton. The other sides says “don’t vote”.

It’s well known and no longer a secret that Jimmy plans to run for POTUS in 2024. If he is old enough.

I had to laugh at your description of the Arroyo Grande City Council. It reminds me of a High School social club! #BBF!

To quote Ralph Kramden: “Hamina Hamina Hamina Hamina.”

A Vote for Paulding is a vote for Fraud… The camera never lies people Trust but verify.

Thank you, Karen Velie…

Jimmy is a slick huckster!!!

Nick Tompkins is a stand up guy!!!

Lynn has proven herself:)

The camera never lies…..

Unless the camera isn’t working, just ask Steve and Teresa.

It’s politics. That’s just what you do.