Nipomo teen killed in hit-and-run crash

May 13, 2022


A 19-year-old Nipomo man was killed when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver while riding his bicycle on Los Berros Road on Thursday evening, according to the CHP.

Shortly after 11 p.m., the teen was riding his bike southbound on Los Berros Road near El Campo Road when 41-year-old Dylan Lammers of Nipomo crashed into the rear of the bicycle. The teen’s body came to rest on the southbound shoulder of the road.

Lammers fled the scene, and later reported a possible collision.

CHP officers found the teen’s body and later arrested Lammers at his home. Lammers is no longer in custody.

Officers are not releasing the teen’s name pending notification of his next of kin.

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How do you hit a human being and not stop to render aid? How do you only spend a few hours in custody after killing someone? My prayers go out to this teen’s family and friends.

it’s easy, just see Zoirbowie’s post below.

It’s a big risk riding a bike on that road in the dark of night.

It is a big risk. No doubt.

To help put statistics into perspective. US – risk of death rate from; a bicycle accident =.00029, US Maternal death rate or risk associated with pregnancy = .00023. Almost equal. Huh?

I see why some people CHOOSE not to get on a bike late at night.

Lammers! You’re a Coward!

The Lord bless, comfort and hold the family of this young person.

…Lammers is not longer in custody. WTF?

What was the bail amount, if any?

It appears we hold hold jay walking protestors longer than felony hit and run suspects.

This kid could have been saved if he had stopped and checked on him. Willful neglect of a dying man. Shameful.