Helios Dayspring selling turnkey cannabis shop in SLO for $9 million

May 13, 2022


Less than a year after San Luis Obispo terminated marijuana kingpin Helios Dayspring’s retail pot shop permit, Dayspring is attempting to sell the remodeled commercial property for $9 million.

“Extremely rare opportunity to own a fully entitled turnkey retail cannabis location,” according to Richardson Properties. “2640 Broad was designed and constructed as the premier cannabis dispensary in San Luis Obispo, California.”

In Jan. 2021, Dayspring completed a full remodel of the former warehouse property. The building now includes a greeting area and waiting room, retail space, climate controlled clone room, customer lounge area, employee break room, manager’s office with large glass walls, conference room and a climate controlled vault.

The project was built for low energy consumption through high efficiency appliances, solar power, and electric vehicle charging stations, according to the advertisement.

Six months after FBI and IRS agents raided Dayspring’s home on the outskirts of SLO, prosecutors charged Dayspring with one count of bribery and one count of filing a false tax return. Dayspring admitted in June 2020 to bribing former SLO County Supervisor Adam Hill and attempting to bribe former Grover Beach Mayor John Shoals.

Dayspring transferred ownership of Natural Healing Center SLO into the name of his live-in girlfriend Valnette Garcia in Oct. 2020, shortly before he pled guilty to tax fraud and bribery charges.

A year later, SLO city staff revoked the pot shop’s permit because Dayspring had not disclosed his criminal activity and had lied about owning the underlying property during the application process.

Dayspring purchased the 2640 Broad Street property for $4.2 million on Sept. 15, 2021. He has since spent more than $4 million remodeling the property, Dayspring said.

Dayspring, who faces a 13-year maximum prison term, is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court in Los Angeles on May 27.


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Rumor has it four top level City employees made Helios an all cash offer at $8,000,000 which coincidentally is how much he paid them to get through the system without any issues.

Adam Trask

Hogwash! Another big cannabis company will gladly buy the property and recoup their costs within a year or two.

One thing about Dayspring is that he understood his business. His stores in Oceano and LeMoore are easily the nicest pot stores this side of Las Vegas.

And for those haters out there—yes, I smoke pot, been doing so for over 50 years. Got an advanced degree, ran a successful business for 40 of those years and am now comfortably retired. And, by the way, polls show that 2/3 of Americans believe in legalized pot.

Dayspring was obviously a bad actor, but he knew what he was doing when it came to his business.

a view from the oaks

Let’s just put it out there, what a lot of us are thinking: YES, he should sell the property! And the money should pay damages to all us neighbors he violated with his threats and his actions that took away our health, safety, welfare and peace of mind; to all competing delivery services that he threatened; to all competing dispensary applicants who weren’t chosen even though we had more points, but didn’t attend fundraisers for the influencers and deciders; to all abeyance cultivators he crippled by manipulating consultants, advisors, county staff, supervisors, sheriff detectives, code enforcement –to keep his projects on top and above the rest of us, delaying our progress as we were in never ending ‘info hold’ as our costs mounted and bogus violations issued, and hearings delayed.

And money should go to a fund to pay for legal representation for ALL the aggrieved, to hold accountable those in power positions in local government who did nothing to protect neighbors and applicants and businesses, even when they were informed of Dayspring’s illegal activities, who didn’t investigate complaints, who wrongly interpreted codes, all those who turned a deaf ear and blind eye. And not only those still in their original positions, but also those who changed departments, and those who left the county, and those who ‘retired.’

Mad? Damn right!


Dayspring should get a community service award, he did single handily get rid of Adam hill!!!

Even though it sadly was done in a very macabre way:(


Watch, the buyer will be another wife, girlfriend, family member, friend, or such as he tries again to hide his business from everyone, once a criminal always a criminal.


Crime doesn’t pay huh…


Sounds like it should be confiscated by the Federal Government and turned into a drug rehab facility. We sure do need one. A perfect fit. Dayspring can take it in the shorts as far as I’m concerned.


White collar crime; no jail time. Nothing but fines, community service, and probation are in his future.


His day is coming. Evil people will be caught in their own snare. It’s coming.