Paulding consultant trolls Compton over organizing campaign

May 29, 2022


A Jimmy Paulding campaign consultant aggressively trolled San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Lynn Compton’s campaign after Compton organized a GoFundMe page for a Nipomo family who lost their teenage daughter in a fire, motivating other trolls to attack the grieving parents. The consultant is now claiming foul, after Compton blocked her on Facebook.

Following the death of a teenager during a devastating house fire in Nipomo, Compton, who knew the family, organized a GoFundMe page. At the time, multiple journalists, including a Tribune reporter, asked Compton to comment. She refused and directed reporters to contact the teen’s family.

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Paulding’s paid consultant and Tribune columnist Sandee Hunt-Burns then attacked Compton claiming her support was a publicity stunt that took Compton away from her role as a county supervisor.

“So disgusting,” Hunt-Burns posted on Facebook. “Do better. Performance activism and fishing for votes off a death is just reprehensible.”

Several local trolls then attacked the teen’s parents, one questioning their faith and another, Atascadero City Councilwoman Susan Funk’s husband Gordon Fuglie, falsely claiming the teenager did not live with her parents, according to the Facebook posts.

Under laws that public officials could not block commenters on their social media pages, trolls could completely take over a candidate’s page. In 2021, a court ruled campaign pages are not public forums and that candidates can block specific people from commenting, permitting Compton to block Hunt-Burns.

Hunt-Burns then contacted the county, leaving a voice message falsely claiming she was a Tribune reporter and that she had been illegally blocked, Compton said. SLO County Counsel Rita Neal rejected Hunt-Burns’ argument.

“I use my campaign page to inform prospective voters,” Compton said. “But Jimmy Paulding’s paid campaign consultant had attempted to hijack my page in an attempt to continue Paulding’s misinformation campaign.”

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Jimmy Paulding, Dawn Ortiz-Legg and Bruce Gibson are Adam Hill clones using the same trolls.

Jimmy and the AG crew have done NOTHING to address the real issues in bankrupt AG…. unless you call hanging a rainbow flag at City Hall a major accomplishment. Paulding is an invisible politician to AG residents. He is only attempting to forward his career catering to big business special interest groups without a care about the people he “represents”.

Paulding wanted to fine people for not wearing a mask… That tells me all I need to know about him… And I don’t like what I see…. He wants to be a ruler not a representative…..

Paulding is a nothing guy, like the majority of attorney’s turned politician. Nothing but problems. There are some exceptions, but he’s not one of them.

Jimmy Paulding supervisor campaigning has taken him away from doing his city council job, we’ve got no water, rising crime, increased homeless, traffic problems and city financially in trouble, all Jimmy Paulding has done is make things worse…..

So here we go again with Jimmy Paulding. Four years ago, he had cannabis guru Nick Andre as his campaign manager until Andre was finally shown the door. Now Paulding has a paid social media consultant attacking Lynn Compton. Compton’s crime? Organizing a relief fund for a family friend. Paulding needs to vet his staff better. Or work on learning how to pick good people.

I checked the Go Fund Me campaign for the Nipomo family. It does not say “organized by SUPERVISOR Lynn Compton.” It just gives Compton’s name. The supervisor was not trying to call attention to her re-election.

Sandee Hunt-Burns is neither a reporter nor a Compton constituent. She lives in Morro Bay where she is free to write to her supervisor with any concern she might have. Compton owes this troll nothing.

Shame on all these Progressives who are trying to darken Compton’s character. Is this the best you can come up with? If Paulding has any integrity, he will clean house. NOW.

This whole thing is sickening. The ones that are “so disgusting” here are these political hacks Sandee Hunt-Burns and Atascadero City Councilwoman Susan Funks husband, Gordon Fuglie. I’m sure Tom Fulks had a lot to do with this. It appears the evilness, corruption and intimidation legacy of the late Adam Hill continues through the SLO Progressive/Democrat cowards, and the failing rag called the Tribune.

I’m infuriated at the accusation of Susan Funks’ husband Gordon Fuglie. To attack a grieving family after the tragic death of their teenage daughter with untruths and false accusations is about as low as you can go. It directly shows the lack of character, integrity, compassion of Paulding, Hunt-Burns, Funk, her husband Fuglie and any who would condone and support these sick actions such as the Tribune and any of their voters. Paulding isn’t worthy to serve anywhere except to service portable toilets throughout his district. He’s more than earned that duty.

Shame on you Jimmy!

Heaven help us if his attempt to convince voters he’s both a liberal AND a conservative is successful. Adam Hill must have willed his playbook to Paulding and his conniving supporters.