Thieves steal thousands of dollars in alcohol from Grover Beach store

May 14, 2022


Grover Beach police officers are asking the public for help with identifying two men who stole thousands of dollars worth of alcohol from the Vons grocery store in the South County city Wednesday night.

At about 9 p.m., the suspects forced entry into the back storage room of Vons. They then stole several thousand dollars worth of alcohol form the storage room and fled.

Police have released an image of the suspects from surveillance footage of them inside Vons. Anyone who recognizes the suspects is asked to call Sergeant Ryan Wade at (805) 473-4511.

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Vons sucks. Their prices are outrageously expensive compared to other full service grocery stores (such as Ralphs). Safeway (their parent company) has been successfully sued numerous times for price gouging, inaccurate pricing, and deceptive sale advertising. The produce, meat, and deli selections are substandard quality sold at premium prices. Their “bakery” items are the lowest quality of any grocery store I’ve ever been to. They rip off every single person who shops there.

And because they are cheap and don’t hire enough employees to deter thefts like this now taxpayers have to foot the bill for police resources used to catch these thieves. Just great.

I wonder if they grabbed whatever was easiest or if they went for the good stuff. The Grey Goose and the Maker’s Mark and what not. I have no patience for stupid criminals.


Let’s hope that when and if they are caught they get more than a slap on the wrist.