Fire destroys shed in Atascadero

June 26, 2022


A fire destroyed a large shed in Atascadero on Saturday afternoon creating plumes of smoke and closing down the railroad for two hours.

Shortly after 2 p.m., a caller reported a fire in the area of Miramon and Buena avenues. Firefighter arrived to find a 30 foot by 60 foot shed engulfed in flames. Nearby trees were also ablaze.

Because of proximity to train tracks, the railroad was shut down for two hours, but has since reopened.

Atascadero firefighters contained the blaze within 30 minutes with assistance from Cal Fire, and Paso Robles Templeton fire departments. At this time, investigators have not determined the cause of the fire.

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Biker bob has lived there for 40+ years and hasn’t harmed anyone. People will bad mouth him for something they bought that they didn’t like, well that happens sometimes when you buy a 20 year old car or anything used for that matter. He’s always been straight with me and is a good dude.

1800 sq foot shed? I bought a car from bike bob. It was not in his name, the release on top half was missing, and there was no signature on line 1a. I told him we need the original sellers signature. He snatched it from me, scribbled in it himself and asked if I was f ing happy now. There’s been many times I’ve seen things I am interested in on Craigslist until the post ends with biker bob

Sounds about right. This property needs to be cleaned up and brought into compliance, just like mine or yours. Maybe this will do it.

Biker Bob has never been a threat to anybody .He’s never been a meth head , he has been in that neighborhood since the 70s that I know of .He would help anybody in need of help if he was able to .A very very long time ago he was the victim of an unwanted and unwarranted search warrant that found nothing .Bob has always been a hard working man with many talents .There is guys who wish that they had half the talents Bob has acquired …He’s a family man just last year he was complemented on social media for helping a woman out who was in distress …

Biker Bob has imposed his will on the neighborhood and the city since the 70’s. It is time for this to end. There are land use and environmental violations that need to be pursued.

This is Biker Bob’s compound, for some reason completely immune to any form of code enforcement for decades, probably buddies with Geoff Auslen. His septic system consists of rock-filled perforated drums for his random tenants in ramshackle structures and RV’s. The state water board is all over your ass, but not his. He did run afoul of the Union Pacific Railroad Police a few years ago for threatening their tree trimming crews. His high illegal fences on the street screen him from one side, the railroad from the other. The railroad police do not have to play local politics. I believe in most any city the fence in your front setback is to be 3-4′ high at most

Biker bobs is a junkyard in a residential area allowed to be in violation for years. The city has no appetite to do anything. Same with the drugged out homeless they are untouchable because they have no cash, but those same officials pinch those of us that generally follow the rules because they can get some money from us.

Seriously complaining about the height of a fence? Don’t you have anything better to do?