Officers spot 7-foot shark off the Pismo Beach pier

June 16, 2022


Pismo Beach police officers spotted a 7-foot shark in the water near the pier on Wednesday while patrolling land and sea, police said.

Officers are reminding swimmers and surfers to be aware of marine life while in the ocean. Pismo Beach is a popular tourist destination, especially during the summer months.

Six months ago, on Christmas Eve, a great white shark attacked and killed Thomas Butterfield while he was boggie boarding in an area known as the pit, which is north of Morro Rock.

While sharks are regularly spotted off the Central Coast, they rarely attack humans.

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A mere juvenile 3-4 years old probably feeding on otters and baby seals / sealions.

But that doesn’t mean it won’t taste a slow-moving mammal that’s out of its natural element.

While patrolling land and sea

just say they were walking the pier

This is how police officers are using their time? …to tell us there are sharks, in the ocean…for real?!? Appalling.

‘Unusual suspect’ police officers on patrol are effective in using their time in many ways including vehicle patrol, bicycle patrol and foot patrol, especially in a busy tourist town. They spot a shark off the pier adjacent to the beaches where these tourists and locals enjoying themselves in the water (where the shark is spotted). Would you prefer they not inform the public? Please answer.

Where else are they suppose to spot it at? A shark in the ocean near a easy food source at the pier is normal isn’t it? Be careful and enjoy the creature.