San Luis Obispo apartment renters have little space, research finds

June 30, 2022


San Luis Obispo fairs among the worst cities in the country in the amount of personal space renters have in apartments. [Tribune]

In San Luis Obispo, there are on average 2.47 renters per apartment and 1.09 rooms per renter. In terms of personal space, San Luis Obispo has an average of 320 square feet per apartment renter, according to ranked cities nationwide by most and least apartment space per renter. San Luis Obispo’s population size was below the threshold for the rankings, so it did not appear on the list.

However, at 320 square feet per renter, SLO would be tied with Fremont and Santa Ana for the third least amount of space per renter among cities nationwide. Fontana has the least amount of apartment space per renter in the country at 295 square feet, followed by Salinas at 299 square feet.

Each of the 10 cities with the least personal space per renter are in California. Among states, California is the one where apartment renters have the least personal space.

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What’s funny is I have a buddy that moved to Idaho because of the Civil war that he said coming. that was in 2010 and he said “Before you even bring in your groceries, take the California tags off of your vehicle or it will get vandalized. The residents don’t like them damn Libs moving in and driving the prices so high”. I asked him “Who’s selling those high priced homes to them libs?” He aid “Well, I’m just sayin”

In 2000, I would come up to Cayucos. My GF had bought a house for $175.000 and put $100K down. There was a sign before the Cloisters that said “High 200’s” then within a short time $300’s and then $400’s she sold her house last year for $785K

Up 7.4% per year, matches what I analyzed the rate of appreciation in of an unremodeled tract home in Goleta over 45 years, 1967 to 2012, 7%+ in annual appreciation. Similar to what a friend of mine analyzed as the rate of appreciation in Vancouver, BC, (city with very restricted supply and migrating Hong Kong residents) 8.6%. Coastal real estate has limited supply and the annual rate of appreciation will exceed inflation by about 5%. If you buy carefully when you purchase.

There used to be a large sign just off the 101 north that read: Greed has taken over Real Estate. This was just before the crash of 2008.

It was true then, it is true now. And guess what? If you thought 2008 was bad, it doesn’t hold a candle to what’s coming.

The average Fair Market Rent for a 2-bedroom home in Tennessee is $980 per month. The Fair Market Rent in California is $2,274 for a 2-bedroom apartment. See what I did there?

California allows up to 3 people per bedroom. At “1.09 rooms per renter”, this puts SLO well below what the state allows. 320sqft per person? And? It’s an apartment, not a sprawling British country estate complete with moat and horse stables. Considering how many of these renters are students, 320sqft is vast in comparison with the campus dorm rooms.

19 years ago I sold almost everything including my real estate in SLO county cause the timing was perfect .I had lived in SLO county since pre-school .There is no way I would be a renter in SLO county or planning on buying any real estate there .I would only be pursuing a lifetime worth of debt and depression . If I lived there currently I would roll up my tent and look for greener pastures .Unfortunately the entire USA is getting more expensive and more unaffordable everyday .I just wouldn’t live where its unaffordable it makes absolutely no common sense .

Research WHY it’s affordable. I was looking at Arkansas because I have family there. But it has Snakes, Chiggers, Ticks, Humidity, Tornadoes, Poison Oak, Rain, Snow, Hail, and a MONTH of over 100 Deg heat in the summer. And Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be governor. They should PAY for people to move there.

Heat with humidity is rough. But Eureka Springs is wonderful, as is the balance of the Ozarks. I also like the riparian Mississippi with the abundance of critters. The sky and weather is active and amazing. The difference between people is enjoyable.

Unless the rate of property value appreciation exceeds the cost of owning the home. So you live elsewhere? What is your experience?

Who and why do these people take a stupid survey like this? What do you accomplish and are you going to do anything about it. Probably was funded by the Government and a waste of our money as usual

Yes. We should all bury our heads in the sand and be grateful for what’s given to us. Accountability is so overrated! …..

Care to elaborate?