SLO County ballot returns remain sluggish

June 2, 2022


San Luis Obispo County voters are showing lukewarm interest in the June 7 primary, having returned only 14% of ballots through June 1. Democrats have returned 13,405 ballots, ahead of Republicans who have returned 8,285 ballots.

In SLO County, three supervisorial races will be determined during the June 7 primary: District 2, District 3 and District 4. Showing the greatest interest in the election, voters in districts 3 and 4 have returned 17% of their ballots.

With only five voting days remaining, District 1 voters have returned 11% of ballots, followed by District 2 voters at 13% and District 5 voters at 15%.

Generally, fewer voters turn in their ballots during midterm elections. In the 2018 primary election, 53% of SLO County voters turned in their ballots, which was up from the 2014 primary when only 41% of ballots were counted.

For your vote to count, it must be dropped off or postmarked on or before election day, June 7.

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If they mailed ballots to every registered voter, it is rife with fraud. Many have passed on, moved, or whatever. Mail voting is a lot different from absentee voting where the voter actually needs to request a ballot and the signature is validated.

Let’s hope we see at least 51% of voters turn in their ballots, I hate it when a minority decides who will represent us.

So let’s try a Republican majority in California for a while.

We must outlaw Ballot harvesting first….

If this was occurring why are their no arrests, charges, trials, etc. … unsupported accusation.

Because ballot harvesting is legal in CA… and the reason we are a one party state….

Maybe, like me, voters are opting to vote in person.


Nobody cares anymore. We’ve given up. No matter which side you pick it’s going to be a disaster. Our democracy is slowly crumbling before us but pride is blocking the view.

We need a Taxpayer Party since both the Republicans and Democrats have turned their back to fiscal responsibility.

Couldn’t believe how many downvotes a simple adjustment suggestion comment got last time but I’ll say it again; the whole system needs to be revamped and implemented through the internet. Some sort of secure website or the like. Participation would skyrocket!

No, the internet can be manipulated. Let’s return to 100% in person voting. Exceptions for disabled and military. WITH a valid ID to be admitted to vote.

And physical ballots can’t? Lol I’d bet 10x over, using the internet would be more secure against any sort of manipulation.

That kind of system would be completely mistrusted.

So they know the party makeup of the ballots returned but don’t count them ahead of time so on election evening after polls close they can just announce the results of ballots already received and we have to wait sometimes weeks for results? The county clerks office needs an overhaul.

Or we need to be patient, geezers!