Suspect shot, killed during crime spree

June 10, 2022


A crime spree that included a murder, shooting, robbery and carjacking, and led to a chase through San Luis Obispo County on Wednesday, ended with one of the two suspects dead from a gunshot wound, according to the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are investigating the suspect’s death as a homicide. It is unclear, though, how the suspect suffered the fatal gunshot wound. Investigators located a handgun near the suspect’s body.

Deputies arrested the other suspect, a juvenile, and booked him in the Kern County Juvenile Hall.

The four day crime spree started with a carjacking in Anaheim. The pair then murdered a man in Lompoc on Sunday. Three days later, the suspects shot guns in Lompoc and robbed a liquor store in Buellton.

SLO County Sheriff’s deputies then spotted the suspects in Paso Robles. With deputies in pursuit,  the suspects drove east on Highway 46 into Kern County.

The suspects abandoned their vehicle south of Highway 46 near Kecks Road and fled into an orchard.

Shortly afterwards, the suspects allegedly stole an ATV. A witness then reported seeing two males running northbound a few miles east of the orchard, near what appeared to be an abandoned ATV.

Kern County Sheriff’s deputies spotted the two suspects attempting to hide near a canal. The deputies arrested the juvenile without further incident. They found the other suspect dead from a gunshot wound.

The Kern County Sheriff’s Office, Lompoc Police Department, Anaheim Police Department, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office, Santa Barbara County Juvenile Probation Department, Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office and California Highway Patrol are all investigating the case.

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Apparently, Fran B. believes that if only guns were banned, then the “suspects” would not have had a gun to murder the man in Lompoc who was presumably shot (although the article does not say that). Maybe she needs to read the article again. This pair were “suspects” in a “crime spree” which included carjacking, murder, robbery, etc. over a four-day period. In the old days we used to call such people “criminals” or “outlaws”. (I don’t know what they are called nowadays. Persons of regulation challenged? For all I know, they may even have their own pronoun.)

Anyway, in order for F.B.’s belief to have any validity at all, the criminals must have absolutely NO access to weapons. If they can get weapons, they will have weapons. Even she must see the utter impossibility of this situation ever occurring, second amendment or not.

The only real solution is to allow anyone who is trained (well regulated) to carry a gun. This would not only give victims an opportunity to defend themselves during a crime, but would deter criminals from even attempting some of the crimes we hear about every day. They would never know if their proposed victim(s) also has a weapon. I have examples of where this solution works.

I know that people like F.B. prefer to have someone else do things for them. This includes carrying a gun. They don’t want to do it themselves, so they depend upon the police to carry their gun for them. This is fine until a gun is needed immediately and the police, even if they are at the scene, are still hesitating. Further, sometimes the police are the perp. I also have examples of this situation.

I agree with one thing F.B. said. “As people, we need to do better than this all around.” However, we need a solution that will work, not one that just feels good.

Address the Policies, events and arguments, not the person.

It’s on every page.

Wow. The Cult of Death is sometimes defies imagination. Two comments in and already two comments on how this story, where there was the murder of an innocent citizen and an as yet undetermined death of a suspect is somehow a “good” Second Amendment story.

Guess I must just have a bit more respect for life, since I fail to see how even one element of the account above is “good”. I also fail to see how any of it relates to the functions of a “well trained militia” in regards to the suspects, especially and the possession of firearms specifically.. But perhaps my preference for life affirmation and lessons learned in what I would categorize as a “good” story is my short coming here. Or perhaps I am not cherry-picking things enough here.

As people, we need to do better than this all around. IMHO.

Good ending to this story on the one criminal.