Most San Luis Obispo County ballots not yet tallied

June 9, 2022


With less than half the ballots tallied, it is too early to call most San Luis Obispo County races.

On Thursday afternoon, the SLO County Clerk-Recorder announced there are 48,561 uncounted ballots. Currently, the county has tallied only 39,777, or 21.87% of the 187,043 ballots the county mailed in May.

At this time, the county is boasting a 47% voter turnout. The number, however, can change as the county is required to accept mail-in ballots postmarked by 8 p.m. on June 7.

County staff is slated to start counting the remaining ballots on Friday morning, with plans to update the election results on Friday afternoon. Even so, it is unlikely final results will be available for several weeks.

CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Friday afternoon.

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Still no more results after Friday and a very slow count. I guess they’re waiting on instructions from Rita Neal.

I’m sure I’ll get downvoted for pointing out the obvious that this article lacks any historical context. Mail in ballots normally take longer to count, so is this number of uncounted ballots a typical amount or unusually high compared to previous years? I think people need this information before they decide to freak out.

Also, more significantly, people should decide what is more important… getting ballots counted extremely quickly with potentially less accuracy and more fraud, or ballots being counted less quickly but more accurately with any fraudulent ballots weeded out. It seems fairly ironic that people complain about dead voters, people voting for others, double voting, etc, but to detect and filter these issues, you need time to check signatures, death records, etc. So now we want election officials to go quickly and ignore these potential issues?

Personally, I’m fine waiting a week for results if it means more accuracy and less fraud, but apparently we live in this media hyped age where everyone wants instant gratification.

and if it was “a week” that’s one thing. however, its stated to take “weeks”. now shouldn’t electronic ballots get counted quicker than hand ballots? and let’s look at the schedule – Tuesday vote, wednesday nothing (tired – understandable), thursday – no accounting for what was done/not done – friday, count a few – Monday – nothing, Tuesday – maybe a few more.

While I agree the results probably won’t make a seismic shift, still, shouldn’t it be moving a bit quicker?

Other nations like France hold elections on one day… no mail out ballots… they hand count every ballot and give the results the night of the election… And the people of France whether their side wins or loses still have faith in their elections and the final count….

We have lost all election integrity with how we hold elections here…. And that’s a damn shame… it doesn’t have to be this way….

France also has:

Paid leave due to illness and disability

Paid maternal (16 to 48 weeks of paid leave)and paternal leave


Universal health insurance coverage for its residents.

And lots more free stuff from the government. This is why we can’t have nice things because the American gqp are obstructions to progress, fake stop the steal bs etc.

Workers have protection there, we don’t because the gqp does not want you to be free..

Fascinating how fair elections lead to better lives for citizens.

“Free stuff from the government”, are you kidding?

The government can not give away anything it has not taken from someone else.

I agree with your last sentence.

France also votes on Sunday rather than in the middle of the week and has far more polling places than we do.

The process of how elections are held is critical to thier security. Most people don’t know how differently Vote by Mail ballots are handled vs In Person Ballots. We must eliminate mail in voting and return to same day, in person voting with ID. The election would be over and secure.

Wow, eliminate mail in voting? So you are fine completely disenfranchising all members of the military bravely serving away from home or overseas and preventing them from voting in their local elections. Nice anti-patriotic move to backstab those fighting to keep this nation free!

P.S. we’ve had mail-in voting in this country for over a century, so you want to turn back the clock to the 1800s.

The military, people out of the area for work or travel, and people with medical conditions have always had mail-in ballots as an option and no one is suggesting otherwise.

“The military, people out of the area for work or travel, and people with medical conditions have always had mail-in ballots as an option and no one is suggesting otherwise.”

Wrong, Mr Vigilant Citizen just said “We must eliminate mail in voting and return to same day, in person voting with ID.” which would take away the option for military and other groups you mentioned. So yes, people ARE suggesting otherwise. Words and details matter.

We have had absentee voting for a long time as you say, not mail-in voting.

There is a difference. Absentee voters must request an absentee ballot.

Mail-in ballots go out to a name and address without request.The person may or may not still live in the the precinct and we know that voter rolls are not properly monitored. ,,Significant difference