Three Paso Robles students arrested for bringing a knife to school

June 3, 2022


Paso Robles police arrested three Daniel Lewis Middle School students on Friday for allegedly bringing multiple replica weapons and a knife to school, according to police.

During the school day, a student reported that several students may have brought an “airsoft” toy gun and a knife onto school grounds. Airsoft guns are plastic toy guns that shoot hard plastic projectiles.

School staff confronted one of the students in question, who admitted to bringing
illegal items onto school grounds. Two other students helped hide some of the items from staff.

Staff confiscated a clear plastic airsoft pistol, a pocketknife, a replica hand grenade, and a vest carrier for ballistic panels (carrier only, there were no ballistic panels in
the carrier).

Investigators do no believe the students, who planned to play with the airsoft pistol after school, posed a threat to others.

Officers arrested the three juveniles for misdemeanor possession of a knife on school grounds and misdemeanor possession of a replica hand grenade, before releasing the students to their parents.

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Yeah, let’s throw the book at them, don’t you feel safer?. Meanwhile, violent criminals get out with little or no bail. Many serve half of their sentence. Especially the thousands of criminals that Governor Newsom wants to set free because of overcrowding. Segments of our society, our judicial and legal system in particular, I fear have lost their minds.

Instead, how about a good scolding and maybe make them pull weeds on a Saturday morning, and maybe they won’t do that again.

Yeah, I feel so much safer…

So they are going to potentially ruin the lives of some 12 or 13 year old kids for being kids. Why not ruin the lives a few local corrupt politicians and public servants instead? There is certainly no shortage of same.