CHP identifies firefighter involved in fatal Grover Beach crash

July 28, 2022


The CHP has identified the firefighter involved in a fatal crash with a bicyclist in Grover Beach on Wednesday night as 39-year-old Joe Farnsworth.

At approximately 10:19 p.m., Farnsworth was driving a firetruck northbound on 13th Street when he pulled into the Trouville Avenue intersection, in a lane without a stop sign. At the same time, a 29-year-old Arroyo Grande man was headed northbound on Trouville Avenue, where there is a stop sign.

The bicyclist then rode his bike into the path of the firetruck. The right front of the truck hit the left side of the bike, ejecting the cyclist onto the roadway.

The occupants of the firetruck provided medical aid to the cyclist, who later died from his injuries at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

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Since Trouville Avenue runs East to West, it is likely the bicyclist was riding westbound and ran the stop sign at 13th Street, resulting in the collision with the fire engine. Cyclists need to be well illuminated at night and adhere to all traffic laws, no different than if they were operating a motorcycle or car. Cyclists, please engage your favorite pastime and form of transportation with a responsible and serious mindset! This avoidable collision is tragic for the young man as well as the firefighters.

Why exactly are we releasing the name of the public servant? Did nothing wrong as far as the article states… Cyclist likely thought the crosswalk on 13th meant traffic stopped.

Exactly. I’ve never seen the name of a driver not at fault reported, much less broadcast by law enforcement. I suppose one could do a public records request for the police report to find out who, but why?