Paso Robles plans to allow retail cannabis shops

July 28, 2022


The city of Paso Robles is taking steps toward allowing recreational marijuana stores and delivery services.

In April, the city council adopted a strategic goal of creating economic development through cannabis business opportunities. Then at a meeting last week, the council voted in favor of moving forward with community workshops and preparations for drafting an ordinance that would allow retail marijuana businesses.

A first reading of an ordinance is slated to take place in November. The city plans to begin receiving applications for commercial marijuana dispensaries by Jan. 2023. Presently, Paso Robles only allows medical marijuana delivery services to be based in the city.

Grace Hall, the co-owner of Dub’s Green Garden, a business permitted in Paso Robles, said during public comment at last week’s council meeting that her company is not being allowed to compete in the North County city with out-of-town recreational marijuana delivery services.

“Recreational marijuana is already sold in Paso Robles everyday by other delivery services that are allowed to come into our town and sell. When you have a delivery license, you’re allowed to sell statewide,” Hall said. “We’re not being allowed to compete or thrive being allowed to only sell medical.”

The city council voted 4-1 in favor of preparing to draft a retail cannabis ordinance. Councilman John Hamon cast the lone dissenting vote.

Hamon said he has no problem with medical cannabis, but everyone he has been talking to thinks retail marijuana is not in the best interest of the city.

“There’s plenty of places to get the drugs, and I don’t think we need to have it in Paso Robles, personally,”  Hamon said.


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” I sure hope the grandkids can build up a nice tolerance for gorilla glue and 35% thc pen loads. The natural healing center is such a great source for their health and wellness, thank goodness the government is getting a small cut …. ” – said no one ever


This city is finally starting to figure out that they have been leaving tax revenue on the table. Allowing hundreds of Wineries to flood the city but selling a legal plant is where they draw the line? Sell it, tax it and fix our roads, invest in education and build a parking garage.