Minivan crashes into pedestrian in San Luis Obispo

July 17, 2022


A gray minivan crashed into an 80-year-old man who was walking under a bridge in San Luis Obispo on Saturday afternoon.

At 1:32 p.m., a caller reported the minivan had hit a pedestrian on Tank Farm Road near Morning Glory Way. The driver remained at the scene and cooperated with investigators.

The victim suffered major injuries in the crash.

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When describing how automobiles react or are damaged when one hits another one, or an inanimate object, or a live person or animal, the term should be “collision”, not accident, not crash. The person who was struck was probably very hurt when the minivan struck him, but this was not a crash.

10 foot wide sidewalk and the pedestrian was in the road?!? Just expecting not to get hit? The entitlement and indignation of pedestrians and cyclists throughout this state is incomparable!

It would be difficult for a driver to see a pedestrian upon entering the underpass with the glare of the sun on their windshield and then entering the shaded area under the underpass with a pedestrian walking in the shaded area

While I agree that the afternoon sun does limit visibility, but the dent in the hood and broken windshield, indicates the person was not on the wide sidewalk, but out on the road.