Morro Bay real estate broker arrested, 59 felony charges

July 14, 2022

Marissa Hudson


Following an alleged stint on the run, a former Morro Bay Real Estate broker surrendered on July 10 and was booked in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on 59 felony counts.

Aware of a warrant for her arrest, 35-year-old Marissa Hudson surrendered to law enforcement. She was booked on 57 theft charges, one charge of unemployment insurance fraud and one unnamed charge with her bail set at $500,000.

She was released from jail on Wednesday afternoon.

The state revoked licenses for Seaside Real Estate and its broker Marissa Hudson in May, citing a failure to pay money owed to property owners for rents collected. The real estate agency provided property management services.

The California Department of Real Estate cited negligence, incompetence and willful disregard for real estate laws, some of which date back to 2015.

Following client complaints, the state audited the company’s financials for 2015 and 2016 and found multiple violations. Client accounts were short $187,763 in Oct. 2016, according to the Department of Real Estate. At the time, Marissa Hudson’s father Don Hudson was the broker while she helped with the books, according to a family member.

In 2018, Don Hudson voluntarily surrendered his broker’s license. Shortly afterwards, he transferred ownership of Seaside Real Estate to his daughter.

After Marissa Hudson failed to provide Adam Sevim, the owner of three units in Morro Bay, $13,800 for rents collected in February and March 2019, Sevim filed a complaint with the state.

The Department of Real Estate then conducted another audit which found Marissa Hudson acted with negligence, incompetence and willful disregard for real estate laws.

While the Department of Real Estate files accusations and revokes licenses, local district attorneys are responsible for prosecutions of real estate fraud and embezzlement. The SLO County District Attorney’s Office investigated the allegations and then filed a warrant for Marissa Hudson’s arrest.

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KSBY and the Fibune is crickets on this arrest …Did the Realtors Association get the story squashed to save face ?? Why would KSBY and Fibune be so silent ?? This story should have been on every version of public news so as to warn property owners of the pitfalls in real estate and property management

Shocking. Marissa was very good to my family and our needs as renters/tenants, so this is sad. Thank you for the good ride Seaside.

The misogyny has gotten thick in here.


I heard that Putin took the money

A photo of a working mind.

I thought just by the hair color, a mindless mind. :o)

Now now… no need to go there she’s cute with that $13,000 smile…..

So her bail was 500,00 and she was released on Wednesday, did she actually post bail, or was this just a release?

Wouldn’t be surprised either way. Dan Dow has no appetite to go after white collar criminals, especially hot ones, and will probably let her plea down to a misdemeanor and time served.