Couple allegedly use stolen credit cards at 6 SLO businesses

July 14, 2022


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is asking the public for help identifying two suspects who allegedly used stolen credit cards to make purchases at six local businesses on Tuesday.

Police are circulating images from surveillance footage of a man and woman at different local businesses. Anyone who is able to help identify the suspects is asked to contact Officer Donovan at (805) 594-8033.

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Sadly web cams are for robberies committed by family or friends. Then again you might get lucky by sharing the photo to be id.

I never get asked to prove it’s my card but the only thing I don’t understand is you usually have to put in a security code so how was that done?

Not with a chip card, as long as you have the physical card it is easy. Not sure why the issuing institutions dont required a code known only to the real card holder.

Most likely these were big ticket items since they are being reported by the media.

Yet these 6 stores most likely didn’t even ask for ID so they, and they alone, should be responsible for their loss and not have the credit card companies absorb the loss that is ultimately passed on to the general consumer that we all pay for.

So…if I rob you, it’s your fault for having money and not asking my name?