Paso Robles plans to allow retail cannabis shops

July 28, 2022


The city of Paso Robles is taking steps toward allowing recreational marijuana stores and delivery services.

In April, the city council adopted a strategic goal of creating economic development through cannabis business opportunities. Then at a meeting last week, the council voted in favor of moving forward with community workshops and preparations for drafting an ordinance that would allow retail marijuana businesses.

A first reading of an ordinance is slated to take place in November. The city plans to begin receiving applications for commercial marijuana dispensaries by Jan. 2023. Presently, Paso Robles only allows medical marijuana delivery services to be based in the city.

Grace Hall, the co-owner of Dub’s Green Garden, a business permitted in Paso Robles, said during public comment at last week’s council meeting that her company is not being allowed to compete in the North County city with out-of-town recreational marijuana delivery services.

“Recreational marijuana is already sold in Paso Robles everyday by other delivery services that are allowed to come into our town and sell. When you have a delivery license, you’re allowed to sell statewide,” Hall said. “We’re not being allowed to compete or thrive being allowed to only sell medical.”

The city council voted 4-1 in favor of preparing to draft a retail cannabis ordinance. Councilman John Hamon cast the lone dissenting vote.

Hamon said he has no problem with medical cannabis, but everyone he has been talking to thinks retail marijuana is not in the best interest of the city.

“There’s plenty of places to get the drugs, and I don’t think we need to have it in Paso Robles, personally,”  Hamon said.

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i like this because I hate the cry babies complaining… What about all that nasty wine? What about the drunk drivers who crash on highway 41 and 46 daily

Justin clear cutting ancient oaks?? Water banking? The Resnicks? You guys are so silly to pretend weed = corruption. When we all know oligarch money = corruption.

I’d burn the vineyards and tasting rooms and open 25 dispensaries. At least everyone would be stoned and minding their own business instead of being controlling moral police.

Hell maybe we’d have some water left over for us to drink instead of pumping everything into the damn grapes.

Helios Dayspring, Nick Andre, Quinn Brady, and Megan’s Organic Market rigged the dispensary selection process in the City of San Luis Obispo to make sure they would get more points, and it’s a fact that MOM INC aka Megan’s Organic Market is a front for Helios Dayspring. The City of SLO let MOM SLO LLC get away with falsifying the initial permit application which hid Helios Dayspring’s $1 million dollar convertible note/future controlling ownership. Obviously this was utilized to hide his attempts to monopolizing of the local industry.

Then in Feb 2021 the City allowed MOM SLO LLC to transfer ownership to MOM USA LLC which was formed to add an extra layer of ownership to hide the actual owners of newly formed MOM INC a Delaware Corporation with Nick Andre, Tara Graves, Megan Souza, Eric Powers, and Mark Cardona as its board of directors. The shareholders of MOM INC were never disclosed because Helios Dayspring is the majority owner. The original MOM SLO LLC permit application was intentionally fraudulent and the subsequent list of owners was fraudulent going so far as to list Mark Cardona’s wife rather than Mark to appear more female owned.

Why Delaware you ask? Because the shareholder information of Delaware Corporations are secret unless there is a law enforcement investigation. The City of SLO doesn’t want more egg on its face so they are refusing to investigate or admit their oversight.

Stupid, and worse than that, destructive to our society. Greed corrupts. Proved once again.

First, tasting rooms galore, then ink shops, now weed “dispensaries”. What’s next, Paso? Safe drug injection tents in the downtown park? Where will you put the strip clubs and casinos? When can we expect to see some first-rate brothels? After all, Paso is now a vacation destination spot. Got to provide entertainment for the big-money tourists.

Palms are being greased no doubt.

Hate to break it you, but anyone in Paso with a computer and the will to do so, was already lighting up. Unfortunately, the city was not getting any tax benefits from the process. It’s estimated that legalizing weed will bring upwards of $1 million into the city coffers. Why not take advantage. Those who will indulge will do so no matter where they get it.

Always go after that mighty dollar

If you think there will be a big tax windfall from these shops, I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. The net effect of legalized weed will be a negative impact on the public coffers.

Any evidence for that claim? Although some income has declined, Lompoc, which passed Measure Q last year, is already well on their way to realizing that measure’s claim of bringing in $1.2 million annually. Look it up. Basically idiotic not to take this income. It’s just like the sin taxes on booze and cigarettes that city’s have benefited from for years. What’s different about pot?

The difference is how much more their taxing pot compared to cigarettes and alcohol. It’s down right theft.

I guess the Paso politicians wanted to get in on some of the bribery money that the city of slo politicians recieved for allowing Megan’s organic market to open in slo. I’ll never visit a Walk in dispensary in the state of california due to the corruption involved with the politicians and dispensaries. That and the taxes at Walk in dispensaries are outrageous and you’ll save a decent amount of money for the exact same products by having it delivered. Legalizing marijuana in California made it more corrupt and more expensive due to politicians involvement which is why the black market is thriving more than it ever has before.

You do realize the taxes are the same if you have it delivered or walk into an actual store, right? Or are you just calling your random black market dealer?

Your incorrect. Taxes are significantly more expensive at a walk in dispensary compared to having it delivered to me in this county.

There’s nothing random about being able to find in your words a random black market dealer. More than likely one of your neighbors has some for sale. Don’t forget most of the legally operated dispensaries we’re once black market dealers.

I’m sure glad I don’t live in Paso Marijuana! Just horrible the elected officials keep flushing our country down the drain or up in smoke.

Next thing you know, there will be liquor stores, bars and wineries on every corner. Oh wait…

The difference is, booze is federally legal.

Also, I can stand outside any bar, and not get a contact “drunk”. For that matter, I can have some wine, or beer, or a small shot with zero intentions of getting drunk, tipsy, or buzzed. You cannot say that about marijuana, when the sole purpose of smoking it is to get high.

So in your opinion people who smoke weed only do it to get high but people who drink don’t drink to get buzzed up? Apparently you left out those who smoke or ingest weed to help with pain, sleep, appetite, stress, anxiety etc, etc. Marijuana has many benefits that alcohol does not and you can’t even compare the two. Someone drunk off their ass is much more incoherent than someone stoned out of their mind.

Apparently, you didn’t read the article. This is about recreational use. Unless, you can convince me that the long lines at Megan’s Market are all cancer patients. I never mentioned being “drunk off their ass”, but being incoherently “stoned out of their minds” is accurate.

BTW, Marinol has been used for decades to offset a medical diagnosis.

Sure, but Paso Whiskey is fine with you? The health benefits of cannabis vs. booze are well documented.

Paso fights Habitats’ resale store but approves this with little discussion.

For the good of the community?

The million dollar question is – will the City of Paso Robles allow the same type of corruption as City of SLO in the selection process of who is awarded the permits? It’s common knowledge that Megan’s Organic Market aka MOM INC a Delaware Corporation is controlled by majority owner Helios Dayspring. After rigging the point system, they lied on their application package and hid Dayspring’s ownership interested with the use of a $900,000 convertible note, later converted to a controlling ownership stake. Their use of a labyrinth of California LLC’s screams organized crime. The FBI investigation of public corruption in SLO County is on going. Heads up Paso Robles City Council!

Paso Robles City Council hang your head in shame!

…they haven’t done anything to close what don said, yet. So kind of jumping the gun on the whole shaming thing.

That’s what Adam Hill used to say…

I personally would love to see a source on this.