SLO County to conduct hand recount on the District 4 race

July 13, 2022


Elections officials will conduct a recount of ballots in the District 4 SLO County supervisorial election that resulted in Arroyo Grande Councilman Jimmy Paulding unseating incumbent Supervisor Lynn Compton.

Supervisor Lynn Compton

Paulding defeated Compton by 639 votes. Paulding received 10,769 votes, or 51.53 percent, and Compton garnered 10,130 votes, or 48.47 percent, according to the final tally.

On Tuesday, Paso Robles resident Darcia Stebbens submitted a letter to County Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano requesting a recount and ballot inspection for the District 4 election. Stebbens requested the recount on behalf of Supervisor Compton, but “not necessarily at the request of,” her letter to Cano states.

The recount will begin within seven days of Stebbens’ request. Elections officials will recount ballots for at least six hours a day, weekends and holidays excluded, until the process is complete.

Stebbens will need to compensate the county for the cost of the recount. If the recount were to overturn the election results, the county would partially refund Stebbens.

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so the Trib is calling the recount a “malicious attack on democracy” – man i am so hoping Gibson loses by a few hundred votes and see how they somehow demand a recount.

“Stebbens will need to compensate the county for the cost of the recount.” Fair enough, no reason to complain.

Why are you all mad about this when it’s not paid for by the taxpayers? Let’s see what happens

Darcia Stebbens stated on KSBY that she was ‘concerned’ that the Compton- Paulding race was so close by 639 votes that it warrants a recount.

Where was Stebbens when the last Compton-Paulding race was only a 60 vote margin?

Sounds like big ag/business funding a long shot. Doubt Ms. Stebbens, a CPA, has that kind of money if she loses, which she will. Debbie Arnold almost certainly involved along with Arnold’s and Ms. Compton’s wealthy supporters.

And why does someone who doesn’t even live in that district have the right to question an election result?

It won’t work this time, but it has become the strategy of the Right to continue to shade fair elections as somehow corrupt. This is the play that Republicans will use in 2024 when they again get drubbed by millions of votes in the presidential election.

Who did NOT see this coming, well before election day?

A middle-aged white Trumper who questions any election that does not favor their party pick?

Yeah – we could all smell this coming, from a mile away.

When Compton could have taken the right road, given a concession speech and shown the community that she cares about THE PEOPLE and their voting choice, we get crickets for weeks from her, and now this.

The changing of the guard at the BOS cannot come soon enough.

Now, let’s see if this comment gets past the gatekeepers ;)

while i don’t believe the outcome will change, i have to ask:

why do you get to decide what the “right road” is for Ms Compton?

how do you know she’s not doing what she thinks is best for the voters?

would you make the same comment if it was Mr Paulding who had lost by a few hundred votes?

in the off chance she does prevail, i do hope you’ll be the first to apologize (not holding my breath).

Supervisor Compton DOES care about the people that’s why she ran for the position. Jimmy Paulding got big money from outside our community, hence, his loyalties lie outside of our community. I think that is enough reason to recount the ballots.

Proof, please. Compton got over $10,000 from the Santa Ynez band of mission Indians. Last time I checked, Santa Ynez was not in SLO County.

There wouldn’t be so much money in these elections if the board, led by Compton, Arnold and Peschong hadn’t voted to raise the individual limit to $25k in 2020, far above the state cap of $4,700. Gibson voted no and Hill was dead.

South county, what you say is looney.

Any bets one of Paulding’s moves will be some sort of PLA for the county, payment to his union bosses.