California air board agrees to phase out gas cars by 2035

August 26, 2022


The California Air Resources Board voted on Thursday to mandate that, by 2035, all new cars and light trucks sold in the Golden State be zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs).

Automakers, but not car dealers, will have to comply with the rule adopted by the Air Resources Board. The rule will apply to cars, pickup trucks and SUVs and will only cover new vehicle sales. Both electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles will count as ZEVs.

The regulation will incrementally phase out gas-powered cars, pickup trucks and SUVs sold by automakers in California. By 2026, 35 percent of the cars automakers sell in California will need to be electric or hybrid vehicles. The threshold will rise annually, increasing to 521%, by 2028, 76% in 2031 and 100% in 2035.

Currently existing vehicles will remain legal to own and drive in California, according to the Air Resources Board. Regulators adopted the rule phasing out sales of new gas-powered cars in line with an executive order issued by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

“Once again California is leading the nation and the world with a regulation that sets ambitious but achievable targets for ZEV sales. Rapidly accelerating the number of ZEVs on our roads and highways will deliver substantial emission and pollution reductions to all Californians, especially for those who live near roadways and suffer from persistent air pollution,” California Air Resources Board Chair Liane Randolph said in a statement. “The regulation includes ground-breaking strategies to bring ZEVs to more communities and is supported by the governor’s ZEV budget which provides incentives to make ZEVs available to the widest number of economic groups in California, including low and moderate-income consumers.”

California’s regulation has drawn rebuke from many critics, including Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“Ridiculous!” Abbott tweeted. “Banning gasoline-powered vehicles will hurt all Americans. No wonder so many people from California have moved to the Lone Star State.”

Gov. Newsom replied in a tweet, “I won’t be taking cues of what is ‘ridiculous!’ from a guy trying to convict doctors of life in prison for providing women reproductive care.”

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This energy transition is going to require mineral mining and industrial recycling, which takes petroleum. Something from Finland (where people tend to THINK).

Did any member of the California Air Resources Board run for office?….

I can see good in gasoline use reduction, particularly plug in hybrids. I don’t like supporting MBS in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Venezuela or Russia, all murderous petro state dictatorships. Which is why I support oil production in North America and more efficient vehicles. BTW don’t kid yourself, ZEVs rely on oil also, it is just slightly more efficient IF the vehicle is driven 60T miles plus.

I would put this up to a statewide vote.

Promoting and even mandating EV’s, at this moment in time at least, is supporting the totalitarian CCP and its horrendous environmental and human rights practices. To your point regarding MBS and the others, I agree, however we have an administration that is encouraging that. This started before the Putin invasion, He made us worse but the Biden administration and the far left that control him, declared war on fossil fuel energy industry the first week of Biden’s presidency. That is a matter of public record.

This country has no cohesive, well thought out energy policy for short, medium and long term. It just keeps changing every four years on almost purely ideological grounds.

Agreed, the country, and this state in particular, needs a financially prudent, realistic, non-ideological energy policy considering the overriding problem of climate change.

We have some great, affordable petroleum prospects in this state that we don’t allow to be developed. Instead, we demonize the industry, while relying on the world petroleum market. Poor industrial policy, poor environmental policy, poor human rights policy, poor climate change policy.

‘Moderation in all things is the best policy.’ – Plautus

Let’s all ponder this. The California Public Utilities Commission is currently spending money on slickly-produced TV commercials urging us all to cut down on power use from 4:00 to 9:00 PM. Which is exactly when everyone will need to plug in their electric cars. Well, at least those people who still have actual jobs will need to plug them in at that time. We don’t have enough power now to meet demand, as other posters have pointed out, so how are we supposed to charge these cars? It’s all kabuki, performative nonsense designed to obscure what’s really going on. Poor old Pat Brown is spinning in his grave…

We are on an unsustainable trajectory as a state. The impact is going to be painful.

“Poor old Pat Brown is spinning in his grave”

Gee, how so? Brown was, as he termed it, a “responsible liberal.” To assume responsibility for the current state of the planet is essential.

You might want to look at some of the satellite images of our current watersheds before you cry foul.

Gearing up for this transition will obviously be difficult, but I know this state is up to it. I’m sad for my conservative friends who wring their hands and say we just can’t do anything about rising temperatures—we need to spew a few million more tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

Tailpipe emission is 50% of California’s total emissions. Enough already.

Don’t we owe our grandchildren a better environment?

Laughlines Please address the Policies, events and arguments, not the person.

You are anonymous, not an expert nor are you here to call out others because their anonymous commenting does not meet your standards.

Edit: Laughlines: “You neatly sidestepped, you don’t respond, I notice you have no concern, You mention the, I look forward to seeing if you…, So here, once again, I provide… if you can”

Laughlines your comments were not the same at all, if you would like to submit an opinion piece about CARB use one of the emails on the sidebar.

Edit 2: derasmus:”Moderator, I’m confused about your comment. I must have missed something. ” Yes you did. You did not see the comment someone else wrote, yet you claim it’s constitutionally protected, that’s not how it works.

I understand every little bit of less pollution helps but I ask you if the U S is the only country really doing anything to address the problem ( If there is actually one ) and all the other countries do nothing we will never get anywhere except destroying our economy and country

ya it’s so messed up right… so basically the ev companies can use oil to make their cars, but I am not allowed to use oil to drive mine?

not to mention the crazy heat from the grid just wow.

also what about those who aren’t fortunate enough to live in a house with a garage – like who live in apartments???

Many of us even myself who live in a house do not have private parking and have to park on the street, and there is no guarantee that I will even be able to park on the same block. Honestly when I read this I was really in shock.

can someone riddle me this: why is it ok for us to exploit the beautiful landscape in Chile and rob the earth of natural resources like Lithium but some kind of forbidden thing to suck up oil?

ok thank you susan

Wow..Way to screw over the blue collar man. Pretty much a dictatorship in this state. I was born and raised here and all you progressives want to do is throw me out.

Funny that Abbot should be mentioned here. He and his lieutenant governor garnered nearly $6 million in campaign contributions to their electoral coffers from, you guessed it, the fossil fuel industry. In fact, Republican gubernatorial nominees during this election cycle have seen $30+ million in contributions from the oil industry. Democrats come in at about 5% of that.

Isn’t it about time that we vote for what is best for us? I, too, used to drive an eight-cylinder Camaro. Those days are over.

This is great – let’s see I have about an 80 mile round trip commute. Now when I get home I can use my car battery to help support the grid and keep my lights on. Then in the morning I can get in my car and ….go no where until there’s enough solar to recharge my car. Sure hope it isn’t cloudy. And they’re so affordable