California issues flex alert, asks Californians to conserve energy

August 31, 2022

Gov. Gavin Newsom


California issued a statewide Flex Alert for Wednesday and Thursday that asks residents and businesses to cut back on power usage amid the heat wave.

The alert runs from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. on both Wednesday and Thursday. During those times, the state is asking residents to put their thermostat at 78 degrees or higher, to avoid charging electric vehicles and to avoid using major appliances.

“With excessive heat in the forecast across much of the state and Western U.S., the grid operator is expecting high electricity demand, primarily from air conditioning use, and is calling for voluntary conservation steps to help balance supply and demand,” according to the state.

State officials are also warning residents and businesses of the possibility of rolling blackouts.

“It’s a possibility but not an inevitability,” said Elliot Mainzer, president of the California Independent System Operator. “It’s tight grid conditions but if we all pitch in that will reduce the likelihood of rotating outages.”

Dangerously hot conditions, with high temperatures of 95 to 112 through Saturday, and 100 to 115 on Sunday and Monday are predicted in the inland areas during the heat wave.

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Quality of life and standard of living is nose diving in this state regardless of all the bragging how big the California economy is. Too bad we can’t claim a divorce and require our previous standard of living.

Been in Cali for over 70 years. Always thought my quality of life and standard of living was pretty good. In fact, it’s been excellent since I retired.

Sorry for your troubles. Maybe Utah is more your style. They consistently rank in the top 10 for quality of life.

Haha unbelievable !! Oh but , they just want you to BUY the electric products and put more money in Newsom’s pocket, NOT actually use them. What an embarrassment our leaders are.

Perfect timing, the government employees who need another reason to work from home. Just think of those zoom meetings, all they wear is a shirt and tie or just like nude Sundays, just showing their heads, a big savings in laundry water too..

Newsome issues flex alert for the grid that can’t handle the electricity demand on the same week he signed legislation to go to all electric vehicles by 2035. That is a special kind of stupid.

“a special kind of stupid.” I know right? All those people pushing solar when the sun goes dark every day, what were they thinking?


WOW !! This isn’t the same great intelligent people who will require you to use electricity for cars,houses and everything that needs power and get rid of that nasty natural gas and oil products is it? Can’t be no one is that stupid right!!!

“Can’t be no one is that stupid right!!!” You would think, but here we are.

A few days ago, Newsom announced his executive order that the sales of cars using gasoline will be prohibited in California by 2035, presumably to support electric vehicles. Then he comes up with this at a time when he wants to encourage EVs and there are not enough charging stations to serve the few EVs we have today. Newsom wrote a book last year regarding his experience with dyslexia. Now, thanks to Newsom, California’s governance has become dyslexic.

When the days of horse drawn carriages were closing and the horse shit shovelers were panicking was quite the time. People used to store car fuel at their homes, cross country gas stations came later.

Here we are the sky never fell.

Don’t worry by 2035 we will have banned cars in the Anholm neighborhood to make room for the amazon delivery robots.

Also making fun of the disabled, gfu.

You make no sense . The system can’t and will never be capable to supply the electricity needed and the cost will be so high by then only a few will be able to afford it. It also I believe a more important issue is you now have a Government completely controlling your life in a Dictatorship fashion.

“The system can’t and will never be capable to supply the electricity needed”

Lol, gas lights are still available for home and office.

“you now have a Government completely controlling your life in a Dictatorship fashion.”

So when ERCOT gives Texans warnings to conserve energy because of the grid on hot days it’s controlling your life in a Dictatorship fashion? or is this only in California?

Oh & don’t charge your electric vehicle that we are forcing you to buy!

“we are forcing you to buy” Said no one.

Do you actually think this insanity will end when they stop letting gas vehicles sales in state !!NO !! next is to start putting such rules and regs on existing gas vehicles that you can’t afford to keep them and have to go into debt for a EV .

“when they stop letting gas vehicles sales in state” Relax they are not going to take away your cadillac and have to go into debt for a EV.

Exaggerate much?

Wasting your time, Kettle, but I love your effort.

I’m pretty sure more EV’s will fix the problem. These people never look ahead.

There was a man who did look ahead. His name was Jimmy Carter, the 39th POTUS. He put solar panels on the roof of the White House. He was an engineer and believed in the science of his colleagues who were telling him the nation needed to move toward renewable energy. When Reagan moved in, he promptly pulled the solar panels and signed an executive order to aggressively issue offshore drilling permits while at same time giving the oil industry billions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies. True story. Elections matter.