Man with rifle prompts lockdown of three Atascadero schools

September 1, 2022


A report of a man with a rifle led to the lockdown of three schools in Atascadero on Wednesday, as well as a police search that culminated with officers failing to locate an individual matching the description of the suspect.

Shortly after 1:15 p.m., two students at North County Christian School reported witnessing a man with a long gun in the creekbed behind the campus, according to the Atascadero Police Department. Officers arrived at the scene and searched the creekbed.

Personnel from several law enforcement agencies joined the search. Law enforcement also used a helicopter and two drones to search for the suspect.

Authorities placed North County Christian on lockdown. They also placed Atascadero High School and Atascadero Middle School on lockdown. Likewise, authorities closed some roads in the area to traffic.

By about 2 p.m., the lockdowns at North County Christian and Atascadero Middle School were lifted, while Atascadero High School remained under a shelter in place order.

At about 2:40 p.m., Atascadero High School reopened after officers determined the suspect was no longer in the area. Parents were free to pick up their children as they normally do from any of the schools.

Police concluded the formal search for the suspect shortly after 3 p.m. Officers were unable to locate anyone in the creek area, the police department said.

Authorities reopened roads, and patrol officers remained in the area after police called off the formal search. Anyone who has information about the reported man with a gun is asked to call the police department at (805) 461-5051.

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The ACE academy at the base of the school was never notified of the incident until police appeared on site. A lock down there a few months back was also never communicated to that campus.

I commend all those involved for making sure our youth/students were safe and thank goodness nothing horrible happened. AUSD did a great job including keeping parents informed and updated with their timely and frequent texts, thank you. I do want to say though that some parents need to be reminded that a lock down means NO ONE enters or leaves a school that is in lock down status. It is my understanding many parents went to the locked down schools to pick up their students which is a big no no as locked down means what it says.

Could it be that the guy was bird hunting? Dove hunting season opened this week.

Licensed hunters with even rudimentary knowledge of gun laws know that hunting in city limits near structures is a major no-go. I’m wondering if it was one of the homeless denizens who camp out behind McDonald’s.

“even rudimentary knowledge of gun laws” when did that stop anyone ever?

“wondering if it was one of the homeless ” Far more likely to be a 2a3% trump voter.

LOL!! I think that beats the record for how long it took to blame something on Trump. Trump delirium syndrome is alive and well still, the guys been out of office for almost 2 years.

Where did I blame trump?

Trump delirium syndrome is alive in your mind, rent free.